What Was THQ Brisbane Working On Before The Studio Closed?

An anonymous source from THQ’s former Brisbane studio has leaked videos showing gameplay and trailer footage from the Marvel game they were working on before the studio closed, The Avengers. We have three of them here. Update: The videos appear to have been removed from YouTube, but we took some screenshots before they were taken down.


The source tells Kotaku Australia that it was the only game that THQ Studio Australia (Studio Oz) was working on at the time of the closure and they had already poured 18 months of hard work into crafting what was anticipated to be a high quality Marvel movie game instead of just another licensed title.

When the developers at the studio got wind that Studio Oz was in trouble, they made these videos for Marvel in hope that the comic book giant would come on board and prevent any closures. Despite the superhero first-person brawler impressing Marvel, the project was ultimately canned by THQ.

The game was being developed for Xbox 360 and PS3, with THQ’s Melbourne studio, Blue Tongue, said to have been working on the PC version. Our source tells us that approximately 200 people in total were working on the game, including Blue Tongue and outsourcing.

From the footage we’ve seen, the game looked incredibly promising and Studio Oz seemed to be on the right track in making a movie tie-in that could stand on its own and wow players. It’s disappointing to know that the project has been canned — it would have been fantastic to have such a big project come out of an Aussie studio.

We wish the developers the very best, and if any former THQ developers would like to get in touch with us to share their story, they can contact us here.

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