THQ Brisbane Made A Nyan Hulk -- Watch The Video

Yesterday we reported that THQ's former Brisbane studio, Studio Oz, had been working on an Avengers game before the studio was shut down. Those videos have sinced been removed from YouTube by THQ. Today an anonymous source has provided Kotaku Australia with a video that shows that even studios working on huge first-person brawlers have a fantastic sense of humour.

The video below was created by developers at Studio Oz, presumably while they were working on The Avengers. It is The Incredible Hulk animated to Nyan Cat music. It is pretty amazing. There is a high chance that THQ will have the video removed from YouTube, so lap up the Nyan while it's... err... Nyaning.


    ROFL!! That is all :D

    Exactly the kind of content I CRAVE!

    Why were these guys closed?! So much awesome.

      maybe because instead of making a game they spent a majority of their time making the hulk dance to nyan lol.

    This is awesome.

    Go Hulky Go Hulky Go!

    Is the Hulk shuffling?

      Every day i'm hulking.

    If this dance isn't an easter egg in The Avengers game, THQ officialy does not have a sense of humour.

    I can loop this all day!

    Well, I downloaded it...


    Downloaded the video in case it gets taken down. Then I can share the video with everyone to create a sort of Striesand effect ... if it's needed.

    Downloaded to Android with Tubemate. THQ can't censor the internet.

    LOL That was good..

    Haha! I made this character for THQ a while ago now. Nice to see him doing something useful :P

    Can anyone alternative link? :o

    Why is this still an editors pick with no alternative posted to watch the vid >:(

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