Air Force Cyber Attack Caused By...Mafia Wars?

Earlier this month, it became known that the US Air Force's aerial drones had been infected with malware. It didn't blow them up or anything, but it was embarrassing for the Air Force nonetheless.

It's even more embarrassing now.

According to an "anonymous defence official" speaking with the Associated Press, via Wired, the type of malware plaguing the aircraft and logging their user's keystrokes "is routinely used to steal log-in and password data from people who gamble or play games like Mafia Wars online."

If correct, that explains how the malware got onto the drone's networks. What it doesn't explain is what US Air Force crews were doing using military computers to either play Facebook games or gamble!

Air Force Insists: Drone Cockpit Virus Just a ‘Nuisance' [Wired]


    damn, that title was unclear


      You don't use the Internet enough, PUSSY!

    Someone being naughty downloading a script for mafia wars apparently tsk tsk tsk

    Oh Kotaku US, you so silly.

      Yeah. Haha :P

      Um, Luke Plunkett is based in Canberra. If this was Kotaku US, the misleading headline would have led to a humorous punchline.

      Oh, Australian Kotaku -- reliably bland efforts at humor guaranteed.

        Luke doesn't work for Allure. He writes for the US site and works for Gawker - the fact that he lives in Canberra doesn't make that fact any different. He doesn't write for Kotaku Australia.

        You don't know what you're talking about.

          Speaking of which, is there a list anywhere of the Oz Kotaku staff? I was wondering the other day who our local writers are (I know some, but not all).

          And there it is folks;

          The legendary Serrels Smackdown!

    Maybe I've missed something... The article only says that it's the same kind of keylogger commonly used to steal people's credentials from browser games. It doesn't actually say that's where it came from though.

      This. What a short sighted, misleading and groundless closing comment.

        Welcome to sensationalism 101.

    i call bullshit. “anonymous defence official”?? sure. more like an intentional leak to persuade the masses into thinking its not a serious threat.
    one word...

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