Battlefield 3 Will Require Online Pass, Too

Battlefield 3 Will Require Online Pass, Too

DICE confirmed, via designer Alan Kertz on Twitter, that Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3 would require the one-use “Online Pass” code included free in retail copies, but costs $US10 for those who have a copy of the game without a code — i.e. those who buy it used.

Multiplayer for all EA Sports games have been placed behind Online Pass access for more than a year now, and titles such as Dead Space 2 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit have employed it recently. As EA is using Battlefield 3 to drive PC gamers to its new Origin service, we should expect them to give the console version the Online Pass treatment.

MCV notes that the last EA-published games not to employ Online Pass were Portal 2 and Crysis 2, but those were produced under the EA Partners label, meaning Online Pass was entirely Valve’s and Crytek’s option, respectively.

No shock as Online Pass confirmed for Battlefield 3 [MCV]


    • yeah this is such BS cant believe im paying for xbox live and on top of that have to pay for a online pass..this is crap and i dont care what anyone says..its is a rip off and another way for multi-million dollar money hungry companies to get just a little more money at the expensive of its “valued” costumers..

  • I’m trying to be blasé and unsurprised at this but this is complete bullshit.

    Dead Space 2 is a complete game without multiplayer. But BATTLEFIELD?

    Also the economic argument is just crap. It’s not like two people are playing the game when it’s sold. The server infrastructure is unaffected.

    • Because, EA and Dice get NO money from a 2nd hand sale while the likes of Gamestop make more money than an actual new copy. That is why. Don’t like it? Stop buying 2nd hand.
      At least this way, you can still make a savings and people who aren’t interested in MP (yes, they do exist), it doesn’t affect them. The other alternative is that publishers like EA start really pushing for 100% online distribution.

      • For the record, I buy new just about all the time but it’d be nice to have the option. I would buy second hand more but EB, Game etc are gougers so it’s not worth it.

        Also, now I can’t loan this game to my brother for example, or have a second profile on the same xbox. It’s unreasonable.

      • yet the gaming industry is the only one demanding money when items are resold, why is this the case? They already have their share of money for that copy when it was purchased new.

        • Because what you are buying isn’t the software. It’s the license to use the software, and those are supposed to be non-transferable. This is sidestepped by second-hand game sales, which frankly are akin to piracy except without the copyright violation that makes piracy illegal.

          Instead, it’s just a violation of the EULA which is completely unenforceable anyway. In any case, the second hand games market loses more money for the developers and producers in potential sales than piracy actually does as the developers never see a cent of the money from those sales, so every time you buy a game secondhand, you are screwing the gaming industry and instead supporting the retail industry

      • technically this should not matter for the consumer.

        the second hand product would be worth $10 less, and it should be reflected in the price. meaning its basically ea taking a cut from the retailer.

      • What a terrible argument. The fact is these system’s affect new paying customer’s just as much as they do non paying.

        Such as those without an internet connection for their console, won’t be able to play the Arkham city catwoman section’s as they will be unable to verify their code.(and some reports state you need to be online to even play those section’s)

        And it’s not only the people buying used that need to be stopped.

        It’s the people buying new that tear through games in order to trade them in.

        The less people who trade in their new games the less used ones their are for the used populace. Which will force them to either pony up the cash or wait the 3-6 weeks until the game is on special and buy it from the store with money going to the developer.

        I know 2 people who bought Deus Ex HR, used for 90 dollars, a week after release. The game is on special now at EB for 68. which is cheaper for them and support’s the developer.

        But they want to be day1 or as close as they can get gamers without paying the price associated with it

      • Why should the video games industry get special treatment over every other industry ever? They’re deliberately making life difficult for those who purchase the game retail just because they want a slice of the pie they have no real claim to.

      • EvilDeathBee. They don’t deserve money from a second hand purchase, the game was already purchased. If you purchased a brand new car then you decide to sell it, the car company gets a cut from your sale, then when the owner of that car decides to sell it to somebody else do you think you have the right to a cut from his sale? NO you DON’T!!! I can use a hundred different analogy’s to describe how insane this is.

  • So they should, why should a retailer have free reign over reselling a product a thousand times where a developer / publisher won’t see that money at all? Why do you think game prices are so high? To compensate preowned sales.

    • How about why not?

      The second-hand trading system is a separate entity from the wholesale-retail business, it exists for any goods that can be transferred in ownership.

      We’ve been using it happily for thousands of years.

    • “Why do you think game prices are so high?”

      Because publishers (not the developers, they only get a small portion of the initial sale) are greedy. It has NOTHING to do with second hand sales.

    • “Why do you think game prices are so high? To compensate preowned sales.” What medication are you taking to get that idea. Then explain to me why digital copies of games are so expensive even more so in most cases than the phsyical copies when you cannot resell those on the second hand market? Games are expensive because the stores and developers believe people will pay whatever they charge if they want it bad enough, pure and simple.

    • “Why do you think game prices are so high? To compensate preowned sales.” Really then explain why digital sales of games on the psn store and xbox live are more expansive than their physical copies. You cant blame second hand sales on that.

  • This is the game this Online Pass business model was made for. I don’t mind the idea when it’s a multiplayer game (let’s face it, who is buying this for a single player experience… No one). It’s when publishers force Online Passes for single player content (eg. Arkham City’s Catwoman campaign) that people should get upset

      • Annoying DRM that makes the customer’s life difficult doesn’t affect the quality of the game? Bullshit! I’ve purchased shrink wrapped games from retailers only to discover the CD keys don’t bloody work, and then I’ve had to take photographs of the receipts and the game boxes and the CD keys on the manuals and send them to the publishers so that they can sit on their asses for 2 weeks deliberating on whether or not they should let me play a game I paid double US retail for.

        • Agreed. I read a review in PCPP for Assassin’s Creed 2 and, if my memory is correct, they gave it a 5/10 even though Hyper gave it ,again, if my memory is correct. a 9/10, citing that the DRM completely ruined the experience.

          DRM that prevents you from actually enjoying the game is a pretty big flaw in the game, methinks. Probably much moreso than what are considered ‘serious’ problems with games, such as a game shipping with a litany of day-release bugs (considering games like Skyrim and STALKER met with fairly universal critical acclaim).

  • I personally am glad I’m not buying either MW3 or BF3 this year, that being said, this online pass is really starting to irritate me, I mean it’s unfair to gamers and just seems overly greedy, for example, I’m a student and don’t have much cash, if I can save 10 dollars by buying preowned I would. The main issue is EA are getting far too greedy, games have been sold second hand for such a long time and it’s never been an issue, but now they want a cut of what gets sold second hand, that my friends is some greedy bullshit.

  • pffft and they wonder why pc gamers pirate AAA titles all the times. Look at the devs behind Sins of a Solar Empire… they didn’t treat consumers like heartless criminals and didn’t wind up going bankrupt selling a niche title with absolutely zero DRM. They think it’s an anti-theft measure and a way to ensure there income, but when people want something enough, they’ll find a way to get it. They should just understand that piracy is just part and parcel with the industry and that people like me will actually pay for titles that they feel deserve the money (look at the humble indie bundles! Only had to pay like, a nickel but gave them $40 for the frotenbyte bundle because it was awesome). I feel like these big companies have lost touch with the reason they got into business in the first place thanks to cashcow yearly releases and budgets that rival (and sometimes surpass) hollywood films. EA, Ubisoft, Activision, seriously, love most of your games but go chock on a dick.

    • This has nothing to do with PC gamers nor pirating, stop filling articles with your stupid rants that aren’t even factual.

      • Yeah, I was going to rebuke to your ironically fact-free statement, but then I scrolled down and saw the ‘ad hominem’ remark @McGarnicle made, so I guess it’s been said for me. Thanks, internets!

      • Except that CD keys lock you out of the ENITRE game if you don’t enter them. And nobody’s complaining….What?

        • Except with cd key on computers you can generally install them on mutiple computers and its not a once offwhere as on the consoles once you have used it thats it.

        • Except that cd keys often allow you to install to multiple computers and most are not a one off use unlike consoles.

  • This article is filled with little kids bitching because they like to be ripped off buying used games for same price as new copies, and then think the world owes them everything on a silver platter.

    • Firstly – unnecessary ad hominen there.

      Secondly – no, people aren’t upset that they don’t get everything on a silver platter. People are upset because they buy something in a nice little box and don’t get everything written on the box.

  • Well DICE if you want to treat gamers who can’t afford a full price game like they don’t deserve to play your game, I don’t wish to support your game.

    I’m glad I cancelled my pre-order anyway, military FPS games should go the way of the dinosaur.

  • Doesn’t bother me as I will be playing this on PC. However I would like those ‘late stage talks’ with Valve to conclude so I can this on Steam.

  • Why would anyone want to buy it second hand anyway? It’s only $10 cheaper or so in Australia. It’s not a ridiculous difference and bargain. Beats me. And if you want to get it later, it’d be cheap brand new anyway.

    Don’t know what the fuss is about.

    • “Don’t know what the fuss is about.” I would like to see you say that in a years time when their are more stupid practices these game companies are going to try and do because of people like you allowing them to get away with these tactics. We have seen what they have done with dlc now passes whats to come next, will we lose more things we once took for granted. Think of the bigger picture not just yourself in the here and now.

      • DLC passes gave you FREE maps from Bad Company 2 ! You’re fault for missing out when you bought a preowned game. It’s not like they’re charging you $10 bucks as a subscription to play online when you bought the game brand new. If that did happen then it’s a different story.

        Stop buying preowned or second hand games then.

        The only reason you should get pissed is if you borrowed the game from a mate, which is understandable when you want to play the MP component of the game.

        But if you bought it preowned, too bad.

        • Just because I don’t agree with you does not mean I buy second hand games. I’m just not blind to the pracices of companies and their tactics to drain every last cent they can out of consumers. And also Im talking dlc/passes in general not just bad company related. Think of were all these practices are heading. They take a piece away one at a time then you will look back in years to come and say how did games end up like this and all along you were helping them detroy the very thing you enjoyed.

  • What its not enough that we in Australia are paying over $100 for the game and also xbox live. Yeah that is going to make people rush to buy the game.

  • Who’s to even say the cost in Aus will be $10 for the pass. knowing Aus prices compared to the US it will be more like 50% more to double the price.

  • Well, PC gamers will say that at least they can install their game and use their cd key on multiple machines, but i believe it locks the game to only one account, whether that be a steam or origin account, so in theory, it’s an identical situation between the two. You can play the game on whatever xbox or ps3 you want, aslong as you log into your online account, just like pc.

    And yes, a pre-owned game may only be $10 cheaper than new, so once you factor in the price of the online pass, it ends up even, however thats basing the price from preowned retailers. Often you will find preowned games much cheaper on ebay etc, where the price is set by customer demand.

    I think possibly the most annoying factor in this is destroying the notion of ‘try before you buy’. Under this scheme, it is impossible for you to rightfully hire out the game for Blockbuster or where ever, and try out the multiplayer before committing to the purchase. I also don’t like the idea of depreciating the value of the game by an instant $10 for merely wanting to see what the multiplayer was like. (Oh but you shouldn’t be planning to resell the game! Well, looking back on previous generations of consoles, I’d wish I HAD resold the games I was finished with, since they are merely sitting in a box gathering dust.) Even though the primary motivation for trading in games is to get some sort of monetary credit for them, I feel better knowing that a game i’m not playing, is being played by someone who actually wants it. And if that means they bought it for cheap preowned and the publishers didn’t receive a cent, oh well. I’m sure their business models are strong enough to withstand the very very very slight beating they get from preowned sales. And hey, if a game is that good you won’t want to trade it in, unless until the next in the series comes out.

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