Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Servers Are Down, EA Is Investigating

No it's not just you. The official Twitter account for Battlefield has been telling their many, many followers that they are investigating current problems with the Xbox 360 servers for Battlefield 3. "We are aware the servers are down. We have our team working on this issue now, and will let you know when the problem is..." No ETA on when things will be back to normal.


    Oh, so it's like every other Battlefield launch? :P

      Totally. I have taken 2 days leave from work for day 1 and 2 on pc.... I have a feeling that might have been a waste of time.

        Well you still have the campaign to play.


          mmm not sure if I will bother lol, I never played the campaign of bc2

        It only said the 360 servers, PC servers should be fine

    SKYNET - it has begun!

    Whale oil beef hooked!

    They've got 12hrs to fix this before Australian launch, I honestly didnt expect this to happen after all the hype. Honestly do they want my money or not come on

      its a shame some one released it early servers were working but now there not once again

    Well, looks like it's fixed going by the Twitter account...!/Battlefield so Launch is in OZ already!!! Come on JB, let it drop early!!!

    EA, time and time again, f*cking DICE in the *ss

    DICE provide one of the best online shooters this side of BF2 and EA don't provide their part of the bargain.

    Seriously wish Dice could tell them to get f*cked and find a new publisher.

    gods will?

    They are fixed and back on line now

      Back online... FOR NOW.

    Anyone going midnight launch?

      No, i have a life and a job.

        I have a life and a job, and I can make the midnight release :)

        ...although I'm not because I'm waiting for reviews.

          I have a life, family, full-time job and could still make a midnight launch. I'll be working the public holiday too.

          I'd rather be playing something, anything rather than wait in line a retail store for an hour or more for a game I could get for half price online.

            I don't wait an hour in line. I turn up at the last 5 minutes or 5 minutes after midnight.

        Seems like your busy life includes time to be on Kotaku. So I say, baloney.

        i can't wait until "i have a life" is no longer a saying, it doesn't even make fucking sense, and it's always used by someone who isn't doing something someone else IS doing. big whoop.

      yer i am, i don't have a life or a job, Dandenong EB FTW!

        Ill be in to pick up my copy tomorrow... don't shaft me Scott!

    No surprise there. History repeats.

    My shiny new PS3 copy was despatched yesterday. Should see it by Friday at the very latest. Can't wait to get stuck into this.

    activision is gona have multiple orgasems over this.

    don't care/10

    JB dropped it early, just got the text an hour ago. Sent my girlfriend straight there to get it, told her she would be sleeping in the dishwasher for a week if she didn't, now i need to fake a sicky at work so i can get home:)

    Server is still down. Pissed off

    Well that BETA sure did a world of good. Lulz.

    if you make 20 million copies....maybe make sure you have enough servers to handle it. since when is ok to put out unfinished work.

    Everytime I go on my xbox 360 to play BF3 Multiplayer,I search the servers but it comes up as (0) Found...I do live in australia and maybe not many people play here,but I was playing it about 2 days ago then for some reason I come back on an the servers are gone and when I try quick match it doesent find one for me. What's happening!?

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