Be Haunted By The Voice Of Assassin's Creed

So I'm at home, about to eat my dinner, and I stumble across this video (thanks Wyld) - a cool behind the scenes look at the voice behind the new Assassin's Creed soundtrack. As they say where I come from 'she's goat a fair set a' lungs' - which roughly translates as 'she's a beautiful singer'. You should totally watch this.


    Crackin' set of pipes. Sent chills down my back.

    This is *incredible*.


    I've always loved the Assassins Creed soundtrack, she looks like she'll do an amazing job on Revelations.

    its got, not goat.

      In Scotland, everythings to do with goats :)

        Especially the wome-

        *stabbed to death by Serrels' female alternate personality, Marcia Serrels*

        In other news, she's awesome.

    That's some voice.

    Is Hans Zimmer doing the soundtrack for Assassins Creed?

      Yeah, he's doing it for Revelations.

      Kind of sad to see that Jesper Kyd not doing it this time. He's tracks in number 2 were awesome.

        Hans Zimmer? Wow, I had no idea.

        It's sounding really good at the moment, but yeah, Jasper Kyd really had some great work with 2 and Brotherhood.

        don't forget his ac1 tracks, i liked those quite alot.

        Nah he is. Jesper Kyd, Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer are all composing this game.

          Man I Zimmer fanatics get to me sometimes - Hans Zimmer has no formal association with this soundtrack at all.

          Period, full stop, done. He's not onboard.

          Main score is being handled by Jesper Kyd, additional themes are being handled by Lorne Balfe, who has worked alongside Zimmer in the past. That's the only connection it has. They were at Zimmer's studio in the video, because that's obviously where Balfe works, seeing as he composes so much 'additional music' for the guy.

          So, in short, no Zimmer on this.

          Lol! I like how nowhere in that article did it even MENTION Hans Zimmer. :)

          If anyone above me (excluding the man in the know, meaculpa) actually read that article, you would know. :)

    Amazing voice. Wow!

    got shivers down my back, lovely voice

    That's the sort of voice where if I was there I'd probably start bawling my eyes out for absolutely no reason.

    Halo trained me. 3 seconds into that vid and I was hearing dadadadummm.. dadadadummm.. and she only starts singing at the 2 second mark.

    That voice is amazing, just the voice alone makes me think of the AC universe, she'll be a great match!

    Does anybody think she is wondering the testicle too?

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