Co-Op Multiplayer Is Coming To Mass Effect 3

Via the official BioWare Twitter account and that of Bio-exec Casey Hudson comes confirmation of earlier reports as to the existence of multiplayer in the developer's upcoming sci-fi action RPG threequel.

Hudson's tweet provides a crucial further detail, saying that it's co-operative multiplayer coming to Mass Effect 3, and not the competitive variety. Thank goodness. Let's not make the Reapers' job any easier, right? More detail are supposedly forthcoming about how you'll be taking your BroShep or FemShep into battle with others. If I had to take a guess? Spec Ops in SPAAAAAAACE.

Casey Hudson Confirms Multiplayer [Twitter]


    It is what I feared though. MP and worse co-op. EA ate Bioware's soul...

      I think that was obvious after DA2, unfortunately The Old Republic and ME3 could be the final nails in the coffin for Bioware.

        I don't think ME3 will be a nail in the coffin at all.......but the old republic from what I've seen is just another mmo that tries to copy WoW.

        I think ME3 should be safe since the team has been together for a while and hopefully somewhat resistant to outside forces, but beyond that... :(

      You think coop is worse than competitive? At least with coop there's impetus to work together rather than sprint at each other with shotguns & hope to be the one to pull the trigger first

    Hmmm... at least it's not what we feared...

    Hopefully it's not a necessary part of the story and/or there's a way to play the extra bits singleplayer or on split-screen.

    If dead space 2 is anything to go off, best case scenario this doesnt need to be played to get the full experience.

    Just as I predicted. This could end up being a lot of fun. I wonder how many players these co-op missions will support? Hopefully more then two players. I also wonder if you'll be playing as your Shepard or other characters. It might be weird having four Shepards in the same group, especially if these missions feature RP elements rather then just shooting. Sure they might look different but all the voices would be the same.

    "Nothing of what you feared" Even Casey Hudson knows its not wanted. Damn you EA for forcing Bioware to do this.


    Chris Priestly on the official forums said it was 4-player co-op, and we'll hear more information on Wednesday.

    So much hatemongering. So disappointing. I'll wait until the product hits to make my judgement.

    O.o What will conversations be like?

    Random - "What do you think Shepard"

    Shepard 2 - "Well I think ..."

    Shepard 1 - "Hey he was talking to me, I'm the original Shepard"

    Shepard 4 - "Whoooa wait a second, says who?"

    Shepard 1 - "Says me, cause I'm the leader"

    Shepard 2 - "pfft no way, IM the leader"

    Shepard 1 - "Thats it all of us, Right here, right now"

    Shepard 3 - "Hey guys whats going on, I was just tea-bagging that mech's corpse"

    As soon as I read this, I instantly hated the whole idea and between this and the kinect support, was starting to feel disappointed in Bioware. Then I remembered that my gf loved watching me playing ME2 and this might be a fun way to get her involved (rather than getting her to mine planets for me, haha!)

    I'm loving the Seinfeld reference in the first tweet!
    And I want to play as a krogan, goddammit!

    Ever since EA took over Bioware the quality of their work has been on a downward spiral.. Gone is the passion for quality games replaced with EA's desire for making as much money as possible with as little quality as possible.

    I could see it work as a drop-in / drop-out 4-player coop controlling different members of the team or having a completely different set of missions based on a four man squad working alongside the main story but not interjecting into the Shepard story. E.g. Squad on Earth reclaiming territory.

    WOW, how can you people be so whingy?

    Everyone all of a sudden equates multiplayer with drop in quality. Obviously, these two things are unconnected.

    Mass Effect 3 is in all likeliness going to be AMAZING. You can sit there and say you're not going to buy it if you want. Have fun with that...

    Hmm, very disappointing, the ME universe was fine without any form of multiplayer, and what made it special, a truly unique single player experience. Was planning on buying this, now ill have to download it instead. Can't wait for skyrim, at least they haven't lost they're marbles yet.

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