Confirmed: Mass Effect 3 WILL Have Multiplayer

The speculation is over folks! On a recent press trip to check out Mass Effect 3, PC PowerPlay had it confirmed, by Casey Hudson himself, that multiplayer will be a part of Mass Effect 3. Whether we like it or not!

A brief synopsis of PC PowerPlay's upcoming issue states the following...

That’s right - Mass Effect 3 is getting multiplayer! We travel to BioWare’s office in Edmonton for hands-on time with the series’ first foray into online gameplay, and chat with Mass Effect Series Producer and Mass Effect 3 Project Director Casey Hudson about the decision to go multiplayer in the epic battle for the galaxy.

So that's it. Months of speculation finally ended - Mass Effect will have multiplayer.

It shouldn't be too much of a surprise - reports from inside EA have stated that EA wants multiplayer to be part of every single AAA title it releases, so we should have seen this one coming.

What are your thoughts? The temptation to curl into a foetal ball and ask 'why' is strong - but I've personally been surprised by recent multiplayer additions I'd previously written off as lazy tacked on nonsense.

Maybe it'll be good?

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    Wow... If they implement it interestingly and play to the strengths of Mass Effect (like brotherhood) I am sure it can be awesome. If it is a sellout and they are doing things quick and easy it will suck.

    Their choice.



      Doesn't NEED it at all. But doesn't mean it shouldn't have it. What if it's good? HMM?!

        Since its already likely to be an isolated element anyway, package it and sell it as a seperate downloadable title?

          Soooo... rather than getting to try it essentially for free you'd rather pay extra for it? And that's bad marketing anyway. You want a 1:1 install-base on something like this so that people will at least try it out.

            well, granted that the people getting it on 360 will be paying for the privilege of playing online anyway, i cant see the harm of having it as dlc. I dont play multi on 360, & i dont intend to, so im a bit annoyed that EA are gonna be charging me for a portion of a game i dont want, or will ever use.

            It really pisses me off that EA are forcing boiware to tack-on multi into what, until now, has been a franchise that has not needed and has been very successful without the inclusion of multiplayer.

            What pisses me off even more is that unless bioware have outsourced the multi component, or have increased their dev team, resources that should have gone into making the closing part of the Shepherd trilogy an absolutely epic event, have now been spent on a diversion that is simply not needed.

            Why oh why cant EA just let it be? Release a dedicated multiplayer spin-off or something. Annualize it. Make it a subscription service. I dont care. The people who want to play a multiplayer mass effect title will buy that. But I wont. & I really dont appreciate these money-hungry dopes at EA soiling a franchise by forcing something into it that will probably just feel rushed, surplus, and unneeded.

            ME3 shouldn't have multiplayer. Save it for a dedicated multiplayer spinoff or something.

              I prefer not to assume the worst. The extra 3 months of development time Bioware is taking to release the game will be well spent, I am sure. Let us reserve judgement, perhaps?

    As long as it doesn't suddenly get turned into an MMO... (grumble grumble I want KOTOR 3 grumble)

      Instead of grumbling, why don't you look at it this way:

      You're getting a bigger game than just KOTOR 3; 8 separate and unique stories, each that are three times longer than the original KOTOR, and the ability to play with your friends.

      I don't know about you, but i'd rather that than no KOTOR at all.

    I dig this. Now to wait and see some footage.

    Worried about a few things in ME3. But I trust Bioware. I think. :P

    I don't care if it's any good. It just better not take anything away from the real Mass Effect experience.

    I had no idea PC Powerplay was still a thing that existed. This is the bigger news here!

      Actually PC powerplay has one of the strongest gaming magazine fanbases in aus and the mag's been going for ages. I only started readin back in 2006 and I have 2 say, the magazine has improved a lot in recent years.

    This has huge potential. Think about the level of customisation available to players, both in terms of combat classes and character aesthetics.

    If the gameplay is polished, this could become a thing.

    Don't particularly mind - could be fun, if it's not I don't care.

    What's the harm? Not as though it's mandatory to play it.

      Less focus on the SP might be a bad thing :( Hopefully not though... but still has me a bit worried

    im interested but cant see how it will work with the powers. pulling someone in the air for a few seconds would just make you defenceless and dead.

    Please no multiplayer achievements :( :( :(

    It could be insanely awesome, depending on the role Biotics get to play. Yanking someone out from behind cover for your team to pummel would be cool.
    As long as access to abilities is smooth - you wouldn't want to be fiddling with menus in a firefight - it sounds promising.

    Should have left it how it was... perfect. Co-op would be ok, but they should stay focused on the singleplayer

    My expectations of ME3 just plunged. I think it is unavoidable that the single-player side will suffer to allow for the inclusion of multi-player.

    You need to look no further than Bioshock 2 to see how a strong single player game is diminished by the inclusion of multi-player.

    The inclusion of multi-player in Assassin's Creed kind of worked but I just cannot see it working for Mass Effect.

    It's a shame that EA and Bioware did not have the courage to finish the trilogy with a truly great single player game.

      Not necessarily. If the studio outsources multiplayer creation to someone else, then it takes strain off of them to make the single-player, so long as they've budgeted for it. Though that presents it's own problems; outsourcing is giving creation of a part of the game to someone not within the team that conceptualised it in the first place.

      See, I thought the single player for BioShock 2 was diminished due to Irrational not actually working on the game.

    If they do it right: mass rejoicing. If they do it wrong: just another reason for everyone to loathe EA with every ounce of their being.
    ...So long as they don't outsource the multiplayer, it should turn out good. So long as Bioware can build multiplayer.

      I hope they do outsource it, ME1&2's combat is more boring and bland than Gears of War.

        And then if they stay true to the ME combat, it'll be bland combat and then also weighed down by inevitable outsourcing problems.

    I thought this was already confirmed, and the reason why it's being released next March instead of this year.

      As a side note, assuming that multiplayer is actually the reason for the delay, I hope this means the single player will be unaffected by this. I have no intention of playing it ME3 multiplayer.

        Except they probably wouldn't have gotten many more resources for the project because of multiplayer, so it'll inevitably take resources from the single player.

          Unless it was budgeted for from the start of the project.

    I'm glad there is multiplayer.
    If you don't like multiplayer, all you do is DON'T PLAY IT

    Free voucher to enable multiplayer and final missions included with each copy! Only $20 to buy from *insert marketplace here* if you need it on additional machines!

    Yeah, makes sense.

    Go there. Press it 50 or so times.

      Best website ever, I think there is supposed to be an iPad app for it, but I can't find it. I would use that puppy every day.

    -Turning a thinky/talky RPG into generic 3rd person deathmatch would suck
    -Story co-op would be impractical and too expensive (and/or unsatisfying when only shep can talk to people)
    -a Horde-alike might be worth the bother IF they did it right. A few characters against waves of mechs, husks, krogan etc... that might work especially if they set it up so you had to do something objective based rather than just purely survive.

    Mass Effect having multiplayer?

    Why? Whats the point? What is it with publishers feeling the need to have online components on games that don't even need it?

    I'm guessing this means ME3 will have an online pass and atrocious TOS now too?

    Well this is likely to be the last BioWare title I ever purchase. Damn shame really.

    Multiplayer sex mini games! Never be able to look your gamer friends in the eye again

    I'm of the impression that many story driven games like Mass Effect should have co-op. Would be nice if there was jump in co-op play with a friend where you play as one of the squad members. Competitive multiplayer I'm a bit iffy about but it's worked for some recent games, might work here too.

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