Community Kudos [UPDATED]

Community Kudos [UPDATED]

[imgclear] It’s the end of my first week as the associate editor of Kotaku AU, so to celebrate I’ll be handling Community Kudos for today. Hold onto your butts!

It’s been an odd (but pleasant!) week at Kotaku with both Mark and myself retraining ourselves to work with another person. As a Kotaku editor you become so used to doing everything yourself that when you suddenly get some help it just doesn’t compute. On more than one occasion one of us went into the CMS and quietly freaked out when we saw that a post like “Remember This?” was already written by the other person. I’m still training myself out of thinking: “OH MY GOD A GHOST HAS GONE INTO THE CMS AND DONE ALL MY WOR… oh wait, it’s just Mark, lol.” And if anyone is wondering, yes, I am still having trouble understanding Mark’s accent. Sigh.

Anyway! Onto this week’s kudos nominations!

[UPDATE: A few noms were accidentally left out because they arrived in Mark’s inbox while no one was looking, so I’m slotting them in now. Sorry for the lateness, everyone!]

Jamesmags gives a nom to DAN because: “He sent me his copy of Trials HD, Splosion Man and Limbo for Xbox 360 in the post, also the package was filled with glitter and subsequently, the work carpark is still covered in gold and it makes me laugh every time I see it.” DAN, you are THE MAN. Please send us parcels full of glitter. Effluvium Boy has a very long list of noms. Here it goes! One nom goes to Rocketman for “returning to TAY after leaving us for so long (A day? Two, maybe?), he’s a key component to the community and to lose him would be like losing one’s left thumb, and left thumbs get used a lot more than people might realise. Perhaps not as much as right thumbs, but they really give it their all. Anyway, Rocketman poured out his little black heart today and received a great response from everyone, so noms for all of them too.”

I’ll let him continue with the rest. It’s a bit long:

“BIG nom goes to Strange. She went to the effort of finding THE BIG GODDAMN STAWBERRY just to keep me happy (As well as the Big Rolling Pin and Huge Platinum Game Price). Also, she’s just so freaking lovely. We all know it. I cannot stress how groovy Strange is. Additional noms have to go to Mr. Strange for softening up a little and letting Strange explore the world of Big Things!”

“Super Special Noms go to: Big Cheese (Jamesmag) for being an unfathomably decent bloke. Seriously, how cool is this guy!? He also gave me some piece of mind when I was feeling really s***ty this week. Major fistbumpage. Pixel for also being perplexingly nice fellow. I must have been out when this guy rocked up, but I’m glad he did. We bonded over Yankie Bars and Holge Danske. He also gave me some piece of mind and cheered me up.”

“Plus, Eats-a-lot, for being an inconceivably virtuous young lady. I might confuse/disgust her occasionally, but she’s still nice to me for some reason. Like the other two, she gave me some piece of mind and perked me up. So, to these three guys, tanks.”

Thanks Effluvium Boy. That was… nice. 😛

Then we have Blaghman nomming Repneiras for gifting him with a copy of Paydat: The Heist. That was delightfully short! lol

Rocketman would like to nom Shane and Strange because they are awesome people. A nom also goes to Lucifer9783/Numb3rs for copping a lot of flack and taking it like a champ!

Community Kudos [UPDATED] Dawdle is nomming Jamesmac for gifting her a brand new copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. She says: “It’s one thing to give away stuff online (and wonderful that TAYbies do so for each other), but putting in the effort to mail a physical unopened special edition to someone you’ve never met in real life is extraordinary. I’m not really good with words, so I half-drew half-wrote a note to thank his generosity.”

And now for a nom that I do not endorse at all, not because I don’t think the person doesn’t deserve a nom (he does!), but… how do I put this… Huntsman wants to TRIPLE nom Jamesmag. Jamesmags helped Huntsman buy a decent router from the shop that he works at, which is a cool thing! But… but… a TRIPLE nom? Man. I don’t even know what any of this means any more.

Lovely Lady Strange has thrown in a nom for Blaghman because “he went so far above and beyond that he deserves double”. Effluvium Boy also gets a nom for a “mega-kudos” (WHAT?) for the following reason: “I haven’t been back for long but he’s someone who makes us better just by hanging around with us, oh and he bizarrely managed to get 60cm of dental floss stuck inside his shoe somehow, and only discover it during a work meeting. After an experience like that the man is definitely in need of some Kudos.” Are you sure it was dental floss and not a fishing line?

It is now time for a puppy intermission. Here is Humphrey, awake. He has grown up considerably since this photo was taken. His ears aren’t floppy any more.

Community Kudos [UPDATED]


The always delightful ShiggyNinty decided to nom the Entire Kotaku Community for being an awesome group of people. He says: “I’ve had a pretty shitty 2 weeks and everyone’s been a lot of great support for me in making sure I’m OK and offering support, warming the deepest and cockliest cockles of my heart. So yeah that’s basically it. Also, everyone agreeing I now look like the new Max Payne.” Warming the cockliest of cockles is a thing we do, Shiggy. It’s a thing we do.

Chuloopa is nomming Puppylicks for this comment: PuppyLicks October 7, 2011 at 10:47 AM Success is measured in undergarments; yours or your enemies.

That is something we should all think deeply about. A nom from ‘loops also goes to Pixel the Ferret Viking for being “pretty relentless and pretty bloody funny”.

Steve-O noms Effluvium Boy for the sheer awesome that is this.

Jamesmac nominates himself “for an excellent witticism in the EA lawsuit post that no-one else got…apparently”. Well done, Jamesmac. Well done. 😛

Aaaaand our final nom is from Grandmaster B-Funk, whose handle makes me smile because I always imagine him to be some 1970s afro-haired disco man tearing up the dance floor. But anyway! He nominates Repneiras for this reason: “On TAY on Tuesday, I saw Rep post if anyone was gonna get Payday: The Heist, so I replied that I was probably gonna get it. Then this morning I get a message on Steam — Rep had gifted me the whole game! This is a brand new game, in fact it’s not even out yet! But he remembered that I wanted it, and gave me it! That’s just some of the great generosity from this community, and it think he should be rewarded himself for it!”

Man, sure does warm the cockliest cockles of our hearts. 😉

So the Community Kudos winner for this week is… Effluvium Boy! The Kotaku community salutes you for providing us with much amusement this week. If you’d care to let us know how you got a fishing line’s worth of floss in your shoes, we’re here to listen. Also, please send me an email to claim your prize!

Thanks for sending in your noms, everyone! You can email Mark or myself with your nominations we’ll pass it onto the other person. Have a good weekend!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above – you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


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