Does Studio Ghibli Have The Best Beer Label?

Studio Ghibli, known for classic anime like My Neighbor Totoro and now PS3 game Ni no Kuni, has a museum. And that that museum, there is beer. And that beer is awesome.

The label reads "Kaze no Tani", a reference to Japanese title of Hayao Miyazaki's 1984 anime Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind ("Kaze no Tani no Naushika"). In the middle, that's Nausicaä, the movie's heroine.

The top of the label reads "Cafe Mugiwaraboushi", with "mugiawaraboushi" meaning "straw hat". In the bottom, there is a shield with a straw hat in it, like the one the character Mei wears in My neighbour Totoro.

Not only does Studio Ghibli make good movies. It also makes good beer labels. How many anime studios can say that?

Check out eight minutes' worth of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind trailers.

Ghibli Museum has some beer [@jeansnow via @josef_k]


    I went to the Studio Ghibli museum last year when I was in Japan. Best. Museum. Ever.

      Also Most. Crowded. Museum. Ever. The gift shop was ridiculous :S
      But the walk there was just awesome :) Nice and scenic :)

        My wife spent a small fortune in that gift shop. Actually, the fortune wasn't even that small. We were terrified on the flight home that all her nice Noritake china plates, mugs etc would get damaged. Luckily they all made it home unscathed :) But now she can't bring herself to actually use them :P

      Went there in 2007 - only thing I didnt like is that I wasnt allowed to play on the giant catbus.

    I bought back i bottle from my visit sits on my shelf. The beer itself was ok.

    I've been there twice and never seen this. What is wrong with me?

    Planning a trip to try this beer before Christmas. Ghibli apparently needs to further empty my wallet.

    No, this is the best beer...

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