Gran Turismo 5 Gets Much Better, Just In Time For Forza 4

Gran Turismo 5 Gets Much Better, Just In Time For Forza 4

While we’re still a week away from the big batch of downloadable content for Gran Turismo 5, the free 2.0 update drops today, delivering car interiors, 2011 NASCAR racers, and tons of fixes and tweaks, just in time to turn racing fans’ heads away from Forza 4.

Available today as a free downloadable update, version 2.0 of Gran Turismo 5 is aimed at giving fans of the series just about everything they’ve wanted since the game launched back in November of last year. Things like interior views for every vehicle in the game’s extensive roster, and not just the handful that were available at launch. Or the ability to pose your custom driver with your car in photo mode, full support for the Logitech G25 and G27 Racing Wheels, and the ability to save in the middle of long race events; these are the sort of things players would have liked to have seen when the game came out, but better late than never, right?

Right? I mean, Gran Turismo fans had a choice: Keep complaining about delays, or get an unfinished game. We went for the latter, and now, nearly a year later, the game is just about finished. Go team.

I just hope the update wasn’t rushed to make it out in time for Forza 4‘s release. I’d hate to have to wait another year.

Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Update is Live, DLC Coming October 18th [PlayStation Blog]


  • It’s a good update, with many genuine improvements, but the game still feels unfinished. For something that took 6 years to make, there just should not be this many rough edges!

  • why can’t we have fast menu’s.

    it takes like 6 levels of screen options before you can jump into a car. Each of them are tedious, long to load and have little value to add.

    • V2.0 significantly reduced load times between screens, and perhaps even tracks (I haven’t paid enough attention while loading tracks).

  • Yeah the shadows and smoke/dirt trails sucked. From the many articles that are out about this update, it doesn’t seem like it’s fixed. Unless someone gets the patch and tells us about it, we’ll never know.

  • “just in time to turn racing fans’ heads away from Forza 4.”

    No way since I’ve been playing Forza 3 I
    haven’t touched GT5, and I’ll be the first to say I love GT5 with my G27… but for me to say I’d prefer a controller or the microsoft wheel (will be getting the fanatec early next year) over using my g27.. the game has to be special.

    That said love what they have done for the update and may throw it on for a little while today but I’m playing Forza for like a week straight lol, 2 weeks ago I would have loved to see this update, maybe in a couple weeks time before Skyrim and Saint’s Row I will throw it on though

  • I was pretty surprised when I first played GT5. I was a big fan of the previous games, but prefered my already old Forza 3 to GT5!

  • I’ll dust off GT5 for a blat this weekend, but Forza 4 still sounds better. I just wish my missus would let me get a 360 🙁

  • The problem with GT5 is that it’s a simulation rather than a game; when it should have been both.

    I mean, they spend weeks implementing a Top Gear track into the game; and then only use it in three pissy challenges – with two of them being in novelty cars? How about the ability to do a free run mode around the track – complete with access to the runway strip?

    And why spend so much time putting in 10 different types of Honda Civics, while neglecting putting in more detailed models and tracks – or newer cars?

    And what’s the point of B spec? If I wanted to see someone else flail uselessly around the track, I’d watch a replay of myself.

    Forza 4 is preordered…

    • What’s worse is that it isn’t even a very good simulation.

      GT5 tried to be the jack of all trades, and came out being the king of none.

  • Maybe they have the extremly primitive interior view on the standard cars in order to make it an easier transition ti make them into standard cars, then again, i’m probably considering they stubornly plug while walloing in mediocrity and bad reviews with there “standard cars”. i expected so much more after 6 years, man I wish I had an xbox.

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