Grand Theft Auto V's Logo Has Some Real History

And I don't mean the iconic "Price is Right" font. I mean the way the latest game in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, has a rather interesting employment of antique US currency.

As spotted by a Reddit user, the "FIVE" at the end of the game's logo is lifted almost directly from an old Silver Certificate, a type of paper currency used in the US between 1878 and 1964 (and which, if you can still find a note, technically remains legal tender).

In particular, it's from the design of an 1899 note featuring Running Antelope, an American Indian commemorated for his belief in a compromise with the encroaching United States rather than war.

What does this mean? Nothing! Everything! The particularly mad among you will take either the Indian or 1899 angle and run with it, but I think it's just a neat way of tying US currency (always at the heart of a GTA game) to the franchise's use of Roman numerals in its logos: by the early 20th century, US paper currency would be using "5" instead of "V", and "5" just wouldn't cut it on a Grand Theft Auto box!


    Choice, bro.

    Fuck Los Angeles, I want Grand Theft Auto to be set on a civilised Mars

      And set in caves as well, with like, a thing that repairs stuff...

      and aliens and shit.

      Yeah... it'll be awesome. Nothing like this has ever been done before.

    Maybe it has something to do with the story of the game. Maybe the story is a million dollars has been stolen and all the notes are from 1899, making the true value of the stolen notes over $20 million. You have to out run or steal back the notes and the only clues you get are the notes themselves, that have been used throughout the game.

      You know what - given the whole Diamond heist in the last game - that's probably correct!

    Well, at least it's not Grand Theft aVto.

      Or GTA: aVo, where you sit in the bushes and spy on the girl who you only love-tapped twice but she totally deserved it because she was getting all lippy and you'd had a bad day and the you'd just been laid off so it wasn't really your fault.

        Well executed, Sir!

    All i can say is thats an awesome find!!! Long live internet people!

      Perhaps it's the start of a GTA V riddle!

    ....OR maybe it was just a ref source for the designer. I think your getting a bit overexcited here...

    Maybe you go back in time to steal money from Red Dead and Noire and create an alternate timeline where you have to battle your future self as ruler of America

    You will play as an American-Indian

      I like this thought pattern, there are plenty of notes they could have been used, but one they just so happens to have a Native American?

      It might be just co-incidental, but Rockstar do things for a reason and I don't think it would be so random.

    You will play as a 5 dollar note, gaining a unique perspective into the inner workings of the US economy and the housing market meltdown.

    Timothy Geithner called it "a potentially interesting way to spend money in such a delicate fiscal time in America's history".

    (he totally didn't).

    It's got more to do with Zelda, look at the E of FIVE

    You common fools. This is all about the number 23. Observe:

    • V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet.
    • There is 1 'V' in 'FIVE'
    • 22 + 1 = 23.


      I thought it was about 42. Watch.

      V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet.

      the alphabet is part of language

      which is part of culture

      which is part of humanity

      which is part of biological life (reason 1)

      which is part of earth

      which is part of the solar system

      part of the galaxy

      part of the galactic cluster, super cluster and universal filament

      part of the universe. (reason 2.)

      since we do not know whether there are parallel universes at this point, let us assume that there are.

      at which point, those as well as our universe would be everything. (reason 3)

      so therefore, because V is part of life, the universe and everything.... it's 42.

      Just be warned that if they announce the release date as 2023, I'm going to come & give you a smack

    They should just make another Red Dead, seeing as that's the only decent game they've made in recent years.

      Couldn't agree more. I would be content if they just released sequels forever.

    (Shot in the dark)

    Maybe the character is a Native American? We've not played one in a GTA game yet...

    That could be a nice angle to play/design from; the original American in an ever changing America which barely acknowledges their presence/history.

    It would also be a great way to introduce a player/character to a gaming world; if the player character begins on a reservation.

    Hrm, my mind is wandering far too much over this game. I can't wait to see what's what next week.

      Yes and your character owns and visits the many casinos their people own.

        Seedy underside of Casion's through non-Mob/Italian connection would be a breath of fresh air.

    Maybe it means that GTAV will only cost $5US

    So $110 in Australia.


    Had a read into the Silver Certificates, which lead to the "silver agitation" and some free silver debate in 19th century US, which from there lead to a heated propaganda campaign by both the democrats (for) and the GOP (against).

    Maybe this means GTA:V will be much more politically-minded and the player will control or deal with government spooks and contractors.

    This would definitely be different to the street-gangster style of almost every other GTA so far!

    Well not so much, a lot of American public servants are gangsters in their own right. haha

      sorry, a little more info. The Free Silver debate came into place due to the US's Forth Coinage Act, which enabled the Gold Standard and Demonetized Silver.

      As a result, it allowed a number of rich merchants to become richer through the buying and trading of gold currency for the no longer wanted Silver. Thus merchants, investors and holders of silver got shafted out of their money.

      Rich got richer, poor got poorer.

      Makes me think GTA:V might definitely be about politicians and economy.

        GTA V - Solve the US economy

          Missions include: Getting the top 1%'s money by chasing them down in their own car at gunpoint. Finding a use for trillions of dollars of military tech that just sits there. Giving a stronger argument for universal healthcare by making everyone a hit and run victim so that they understand why you need it.

    Would be rather cool if the protagonist was a Native American, and the game was in the style of Jason Aaron's great "Scalped" comics - I think that could work rather well...

    Could be like LA Noire and the time period its in, just on the other side of the law.

    Or to the 1970s with revolving around the Indian Gaming Act, and make your way as an Native American to the top of an empire?

    Gahhh possibilities are endless,

    Getting bored with GTA in America and London. Why not GTA in Australia?

    We fund you the most (AU$110 or more/less) and make your games (LA NOIRE) so where's our GTA?

      im an aussie, even i think that would be boring haha, our cities are too small, crime is too low, we do have the multi-cultural thing going though

    screw the bottom end of that timeline, indians dont sell drugs or shoot people, but i would love some 1960's gameplay :)

    How's this for an out-there idea - we all just can the pointless speculation about the sodding logo and wait the agonising wait of one whole week for our collective curiosity to be satisfied? Surely we have *some* vestigial patience remaining in our cultural DNA somewhere...

    As for me, I'll be playing the best of the GTA games (which is to say, Vice City) to pass the time.

      Furthermore, I'm more interested to see whether or not GTA V will be responsible for an internet meme. Let's not forget that the GTA IV trailer was responsible for giving us the Rickroll....

        wtf are you talking about?

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