Here's A Look At Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival In Paris

Survival Mode's one of the biggest tweaks to the multiplayer portion of Activision's upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It's a variation on Gear of Wars' Horde Mode experience but wrapped up in present-day paramilitary flavour that's made the Modern Warfare series such a dominant franchise.

The look and feel of Spec Ops Survival has been kept under wraps but a new YouTube video outs put all of the shotty-blasting, turret-placing gameplay in display. The footage takes place on the Paris map and shows players buying and deploying assets from the equipment and armoury terminals that ill vital to the mode. The enemy types look to be mostly standard Russkie soldiers — no Juggernauts here — but, at about 1:30, part 2 of the playthrough shows off a Predator missile airstrike being called in.

The vids show off an experience that's in line with what we got to see a few weeks back, but this seems like the first Survival videos that have been released into the wild. These guys made it to Wave 8 with no apparent problem. Or maybe they're just making it look easy?

Modern Warfare 3 gameplay shows Spec Ops Survival in Paris [CVG]


    shows just how integral the Infinity Ward crew that left were, incredibly disappointed


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