Here's Your Chance To Get Your Avatar Skin In The Official Minecon Trailer For Minecraft

Minecraft's coming out for real soon (November 18, to be exact) and Notch and the folks at Mojang will be having a grand party in Las Vegas to celebrate. As happens at such things, videos of all sorts will be rolling out amongst the merriment and H.A.T. Films will be producing the official trailer for the Minecon event.

They're offering folks who subscribe to their YouTube page the chance to have their skin appear in the trailer, immortalising the winners as Minecraft legends forever. Or, for the duration of Minecon, at least.

Minecraft Trailer Competition [YouTube]


    What happened to the 11.11.11 release date? With all the dragons and adventuring was Notch concerned that everyone was going to pick up Skyrim by accident instead?

    Vegas was booked our for that date so the went with the 18th instead.

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