How To Be A Jet In Battlefield 3's Beta


    Wow.. a six second Youtube clip posted as an article..

    This is just getting fucking stupid now..

    It wasn't even funny.

      Pro tip: If it's shorter than 140 characters, post in on Twitter. I'd get yelled at at school if I passed this off in english as an "article".

      Pro tip: If it's shorter than 140 characters, post it on Twitter. I'd get yelled at at school if I passed this off in english as an "article".

        yes instead they should write a small essay on the basis of a glitch... brrtt

        I personally liked it, made me chuckle. Just because you don't like it and your teacher at school wouldnt mark it as an article doesnt mean you can hate on it and i agree with Ev, if a short post isnt to your liking perhaps going somewhere else might take your fancy

      Where does it say anywhere that it's an article? Its just a post. I don't see any problem with kotaku sharing a short, humorous tidbit like this with it's readers.

      Why does everyone get so butthurt when they post something that isn't more than 100 words or so?

        Because they're all professional readers who read professionally for a profession.

          Professional readers? I don't get paid to read this..

            really? cause i most definitely do

            (protip: sarcasm)

        This man speaks the truth, lucky for those butthurt individuals I have brought some soothing lotion, to ease the faggotry

        Maybe because this is a NEWS website. They get paid for writing articles, it wouldn't hurt them to do their job.

          Yep, 100% this.

          If you people who actually like this kind of thing want to see more, jump on Twitter and follow Luke Plunkett (if he's discovered it yet). Then you can leave the rest of us to read actual journalism.

            Exactly, and sure if Luke and those KotakuUS twits actually did their job more often we wouldn't mind so much but as it stands we get them posting 50% tripe like this, 49% articles "borrowed" from other journalists and sites and 1% real work.

      Get a life.
      sorry i know this should be on twitter

    I enjoyed it, everyone else can just relax.

    I giggled too. I'd actually prefer to see less anime cosplay (yes, anime, not even game related cosplay) articles rather than whine about funny short articles.

      I think you're onto something, every time the readers don't get to see asian girls in cosplay outfits they rage.

      Actually that stuff posted by Bashcraft comes under a lot of fire from people on the site.

    Anybody going to the BF3 event in Sydney next week?

      what event??

    Honestly, this was hilarious. Haters gonna hate, Jetters gonna jet.


      Jetters gonna Jet

      This video and this comment has made my day lol

        Yeah, I had a good laugh at this one too and the posts this is attatched too.

    as soon as i saw this i knew everyone would bitch

    its funny, thanks luke for sharing it

    You're kidding me right? The only map in the beta?

    There was another article, another clip, posted here with Caspian Border gameplay.

    And that map has jets.

      Yes it is the only map in the beta (well now at any rate). Caspian Border testing was only on the first 3 days of the beta and were password protected (although the passwords were leaked by the DICE community manager no less)... But yeah - it was only on the PC and only a small amount of people would have played it because the servers were always full.

        I played it was awesome lol

    probably the best thing to come out of the bf3 beta mind you.

    I think this pretty damn funny. people need to chillout a little.

    I don't care if it doesn't qualify as an article or not, that was entertaining... in a little kid with a ballon kind of way.

    now, "DO THE BARREL ROLL!"

      That'd be too much of a Battlefield feature for Bad Company 3.

    I giggled.

    Never bother reading the articles anyway ;)
    Made me chuckle

    Seems to happen when someone runs around with defibs

    Remeber this being a fault in Bf2 and BF:BC2 as well. I always enjoyed seeing guys stuck in that position running around teh map. It always made me wish I could when there was a group of them :)

    I tend to regard Kotaku as being similar to a magazine. They have articles, news, opinion pieces, odd-spots like this one and even the always satisfying Sunday Comics post. I love how people who don't contribute beyond a few hate filled words in a comment feel entitled to make judgements as to what is and what is not allowed on "their" Kotaku.

    This 6 second clip made my day. Thanks Luke.

    I lol'd, but this isn't news Kotaku. also it isn't Halolz either.

    and thats TWICE i've said that on this site.

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