I Just Bought A New PC For Battlefield 3. What About You?

Some people think this year's big PC releases, particularly the "next gen" Battlefield 3, will spur around $US1 billion in sales of PC hardware.

Having just spent $US1300 on PC hardware, I can see why.

The last all-new PC I bought was in April 2008. There wasn't a big game on the horizon then or anything, it's jut my old PC literally died on me, so I needed a new one. From then until now I made just one upgrade, bumping up my graphics card in early 2010.

Lately, though, that hasn't been good enough. My trusty old 3ghz dual-core, with 4GB RAM and a GTS250 graphics card, just wasn't cutting through the games of 2011 the way it used to.

Normally, I'm the type of PC gamer to not really give a shit about that. If I can run a game and it doesn't look like complete arse, that's good enough for me. I'm usually in games for the games, not the graphics. Sure, I used to be a money-spending member of the Glorious Master Race, but in recent years I like to think I've mellowed out a little.

Yet Battlefield 3 has awoken a feeling I haven't felt since Crysis. That there's a PC game coming that looks like a serious generational leap, one which looks at the games that have come before it (and the hardware people owned to play it on) and just laughs in their faces.

One which looks so damn good it means the graphics do matter. Which sounds stupid even as I type this out, and yet, not stupid enough to stop the feeling.

So where I had been fairly ho-hum about getting a new PC, content to sit on an ageing machine until, say, Windows 8 was released, I found myself last week shopping for parts, in the market for an all-new PC. One that can run Battlefield 3 on the highest settings I could crank them to.

I don't regret the purchase yet; the game's not out, and while I've enjoyed the time I've had with it on PC, the time I've had with doesn't compare to the full experience.

But I do feel kind of breathless. I just spent over AUD$1000 on a PC that, while it'll eventually see me through hundreds of games, was purchased with a single title in mind. I hope it's worth it.

Which leads me to wonder: if I could fall off the wagon for this game, what about you guys? Or what about those who were never on the wagon in the first place? Have you spent big?

For the record, here's the gist of what I got, with one eye on the future and the other on my back pocket (note PC prices are super-expensive in Australia, hence the $US1000+ figure...I'd assume this is a lot cheaper in the US):

Intel quad-core I7

GeForce GTX560 Ti 1GB




    Has anyone else noticed that graphics cards have gone up $50 in the past week? Sneaky Sneaky.

    I spent over $1000 upgrading my PC the other week, solely for this and Skyrim.

    The GTX580 was too big for my case so I had to buy a new one =(

    So this is just an e-penis 'news' post then, right?

      Yep. Sadly Luke is making me feel a bit flaccid right now :(

      Mate, 'enthusiasts' get together to compare and contrast the objects of their obsessions all the time. Car & motorcycle enthusiasts often go for drives/rides together and compare their vehicles (often discussing how much they have spent on them), military enthusiasts get together and share their collections and covet the collections of their peers. Why should gamers be any different? Luke is just giving people of a like mind a forum to share/discuss their interests and maybe even inspire those who 'listen in'.

      That said, I've just dropped about AU$1.7k on mine (i5 2500k, GB gtx580 SOC, 120gb Vertex 3, 8gb Corsair ram, and a Maximus IV Gene Z)

    CPU, there's like 15 different quad cores ranging from AU$200 - $AU1200...

    GFX, that card would set you back about $250


    RAM/HDD are minor components and not that costly, standard issue like mouse/keyboard... really.

    You haven't given us much information to go on. Does that price include peripherals?


    Intel quad-core I7, GTX570, 8 gigs, 23'' monitor, logitech keyboard and speaker set...amongst other things

    im a graphic designer so i can claim it on my tax

    Got mine six months ago but its going to be nice to have another master race title to stress the hardware.

    I know that don't preform as well as intel but you would have saved some money buying a AMD top of range in there new 32nm range is only $150 to one of the smaller of the i7s being over 300

    2x MSI Lightning 580's in SLI

    Asus Maximus IV extreme

    i5 2500k (Not overclocked yet because there is really no need whatsoever)

    8GB RAM

    Monitor is a Dell u2410

    i7 940 at.3.95 16gb dual ocz vertex 3 ssds in raid 0
    and just got two 6950s unlocked with 6970 shaders at 935/1455 so should be.fine

    Spent roughly $1500 on mine. i5 2500k, 8 gb ram and gtx 570

    I only spend $145 for a new keyboard

    The TT esport meka G1 unit.

    Very nice keyboard compare to my old logitech G13 keyboard

    I just put together a completely new system, partially inspired by BF3.

    And with it, I was reacquainted with high end PC gaming: Incredible performance, and random and currently unexplainable daily Blue Screens of Death! YAY!

      If your blue screen lasts long enough, write down the error code and google it, its normally something very simple to fix.

        Yeah I've been googling and trying to fix it for 2 weeks now - no luck so far. Lots of different error messages - the only thing they have in common is the shade of Blue.

        When it does run, it runs spectacularly though!

    Just spent close to two grand building a new PC for this release season, specifically with BF3 and some video editing on the side in mind.

    i7 980, 12GB Ram, HD 6970 (space to crossfire, considering it for next year) are the main specs, plus an X58 Ex3 for mobo.

    Next thing on the list is a 120hz screen. I don't think my poor 60hz LED can cut it anymore.

    i5 2500k, 8gb ram with a gtx580 and a 120hz screen. Vaguely thinking about SLI. I can eat some mi goreng noodles for a few months, can't I?

      120hz screens are the bomb! Have you got 3D Vision as well? 3D Vision 2 just came out so it might be a good time to look into it.

    Intel c2d e7300, 4(3.5) gb ram, Ati 4850, Windows XP. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      All I can think of your PC running it like a baus going 'Call the cops, I dont give a fuck'

    I build my system about 9 months ago purely cause my old one was too out dated.
    i5 2500k at 4.6Ghz, SLI Gtx570, 8G of ram, 27" LCD, 1000watt PSU.

    The only thing I've brought in anticipation of BF3 is a joy stick, so far........

    Yep, well not me but built a new computer for my mate for it!

    Thursday is going to be the longest work day ever!

    I am sure my comp will be fine.

    i7 870
    6gig ram
    win 64bit
    2 x gtx 460 1tb

    still part of me thinks, upgrade video cards to get every last bit of graphic goodness if I can't run it max day one.

    still running 775 but i'll be fine

    Q9550 overclocked to 3.4ghz
    4gb ram
    Win7 64bit
    24" 1920x1200 (16:10 master race)

    ozgameshop still havent shipped the preorder yet so no day 1 play for me. but when it does finally arrive it will be played to death on:

    i5 2500k (stock until needed)
    8 gig 1600mhz ram
    6950 2 gb (unlock when needed)

    now i just need another 2 screens for some eyefinity glory (no more sneaky backstabs)

    Did I see someone type Windows XP......Do not sully your machine with that old crap.

    I got preped about a month ago so hopefully this suffices:

    i7 2600K 5GHz
    GTX 580 (maybe eventually SLI)
    8GB 2133MHz RAM
    120Hz Samsung TA950 27"
    Win 7 64 bit (obviously)
    installing on 1T WD Black

    Pretty awesome that PC gamers are getting a proper version of this. Thinking of joining in next year but wary of the commitment... "Oh noes, my XY123 is now superseded by a XY123a, and my drivers from two weeks ago don't support this new game, and I need to manually change my sound card to a different setting becaus the rude young man on the Internet said that's what I needed to do so my game won't crash". Etc.

    i7 2600 (non k)
    No intention on overclocking
    2gb AMD HD6970
    8gb Ram. Like a baus

      only 8gb weak sauce lol come on make it 16gb

    Q9450 2.66GHz, 4GB RAM, GTX 560 (just today, upgraded from a 9800GTX). Win 7 x64.
    I can't believe how much more stable my computer is now. I'm ready to put that GPU through its paces!

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