IGN Closes Parents' Guide 'What They Play'

Irony of ironies, here as we are celebrating the 10 years of Grand Theft Auto III terrorising parents everywhere, IGN has shuttered What They Play which analysed video games from the perspective of parents concerned about violent and sexual content.

Founded in 2007, What They Play was closed quietly on Wednesday. Tom Byron, the site's founder and former director of marketing spread the news on What They Play's Facebook page. The Facebook page had not been updated since February at the time Byron posted the closure notice.

The URL whattheyplay.com redirects to IGN's front page, which means information on more than 16,000 games has gone 404. Commenters on the Facebook page lamented the loss, noting that major retailers steered parents to it to help them make informed game purchases.

IGN Shutters Parent-Focused Gaming Content Resource What They Play [Game Set Watch]


    Major retailers used them? they shouldnt be in the business if they cant help parents make an informed choise. i work in a games retailer and am confronted by this question every day. most of the time the parents just buy it anyway. its simple, we need an R18+ now. parents wouldnt buy GTA for their 9 year old if it was R18.

      Yeah, because its okay for them to buy it for their 9 year old when its MA15+...

      Great logic there, buddy.

        I think Carno has a point. The problem with parents is that they don't have much exposure to video gaming as a medium. Therefore, you'll find that a lot of parents compare video games with things like movies. To an adult, the line between MA and M can seem blurred. And 9 year olds can easily see M-rated content on TV depending on how late they are allowed to stay up. While you do have a point, and parents shouldn't allow these types of kids to be playing MA15+ games an R18+ rating is still a very possible resolution. As NO parent, no matter what mindset, would let their 9 year old watch an R18 movie, so the same should go for video games.

        I think what he was getting at was the fact that R18+ makes it look much worse than just MA15+. Look at movies for example, an R18+ movie is typically extremely violent and/or of a sexual nature, whereas MA15+ is much less violent and usually only contains sexual references, that wouldn't be understood by a 9 year old.
        I'm not saying that it is RIGHT, but that's how a typical parent may see it.

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