IGN Australia Helps Raise Money For Japan

We may not like the news team at IGN, but goddammit we respect them. Actually, we also really like them too, because they're all swell guys - and this new initiative confirms it. This Friday from 9am until 9am Saturday March 19 (AEST), IGN Australia are playing 24 Japanese games in 24 hours in order to raise funds for those suffering at the hands of one of the biggest natural disasters in recent history. You can donate here.

It's a great idea and a worthy cause, so if you're looking to donate some dollars to help out here is a great place to do so.

IGN Japanese Tsunami Relief Fundraiser [IGN Australia]


    I got $100 with Japan's name on it.

    OT: I've never actually read IGN, but this is a pretty cool thing to do. I think I'll use them to donate the money too.

    By the beard of Zeus...

    What a nice thing to do.

    Just donated. Stay strong Japan, you have given us FF, JRPGs, loli girls and animoos. We need to repay them back!

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