Kerrigan Shrute, StarCraft’s Drag-Queen Of Blades

Kerrigan Shrute, StarCraft’s Drag-Queen Of Blades

I thought I was the most hideous Queen of Blades in StarCraft history during my session with Blizzard DOTA at BlizCon 2011 last weekend. Last night Dwight from The Office proved me wrong.

I feel Dwight makes a valid argument in the second half of this clip from the latest episode of the US version of the The Office. It’s not really dressing up as a lady unless certain lady parts are firmly in place. Well, perhaps firmly is a bad choice of words.


  • I tried, Lord knows I tried but by God, this has to be the most drawn out show ever. I’m not an Office(UK) fanboy by any stretch. I actually found the show rather dull by Ricky Gervais standards but hell the US version is so much worse. Dwight is gratingly irritating (and never in the amusing way), Steve Carell is his usual “funny for five minutes, annoying after that” self and the rest are so damn forgettable.

    This show is the Justin Beiber/Lady Gaga of TV. It needs to be put out of it’s misery and the fans need to take an IQ test before they breed.

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