New Gameplay Trailer For Inversion Makes Things Topsy-Turvy

New Gameplay Trailer For Inversion Makes Things Topsy-Turvy

I’m the kind of guy who’ll always give games that muck with the core precepts of spacetime at least a gander. Rewinding and freezing time, opening up wormholes and otherwise bending the forces of the universe spices up otherwise ordinary gameplay. That’s the thinking behind Namco Bandai’s upcoming shooter Inversion, which lets you reverse gravity to flip enemies out of cover and create absurd grenade throws. Until then, let’s hope all that gravity tomfoolery doesn’t have the same effects as it does in Slapstick, or Lonesome No More!, the novel by late literary great Kurt Vonnegut:

The gravity is very light today. I have an erection as a result of that. All males have erections on days like this. They are automatic consequences of near-weightlessnes. They have little to do with eroticism in most cases, and nothing to do with it in the life of a man of my age. They are hydraulic experiences-the results of confused plumbing, and little more.

Hi ho.

The latest trailer for Inversion shows off some of the ways you can use the gravity-switching ability to vary up tactics in the third-person action game. Inversion’s due out next February. Hi ho.


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