Pick Up The Third Volume Of Portal 2's Soundtrack For Free

Hot on the heels of the game's "Peer Review" DLC, Valve has made available the third and final volume of "Songs to Test By", free of charge (as usual) through the game's official publicity site. There are 24 tracks, including the closing credits theme "Want You Gone", plus another six snippets for ringtones. The Volume 3 ZIP file is 141MB.

Soundtrack: Volume 3 [Portal 2]


    There's a secret on the download page. Can you guess where it is?

      Too easy. All I had to do was Ctrl+A.

        That's cheating!

          I ctrl-A and I saw nothing.

            Oh wait it was obvious even without ctrl-A I was actually looking for secret text.

    Insta-download! The first two installments are excellent background music while at work.

    FINALLY the full version of Cara Mia!

    I just found out I've had the entire Orange Box Soundtrack for ages, it came with Audiosurf. Bonus!

      Really, the orange box soundtrack comes with audiosurf? That's freakin' awesome! Must know more!

    So Valve can count to three after all.

      So there is hope in the world for a 3rd Left 4 Dead!

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