Remember This?

Incredibly, someone got yesterday's Remember This right at the death! So let's see how you guys go with today's effort! As always, I'll update later if you guys are struggling.


    International Soccer on the Commodore 64.

    Here I thought it might be something from the Macintosh.

    Or Olympic Games for the Master System.

    Eh? Eh? Awww...

    Bruce Lee on C64

    Maybe a Horse racing game?

    Impossible Mission

      This comes close...

      I believe this may be the actual picture...,_Inc..jpg

      Nice one... truly an awesome game.

      I've somehow blocked out the colours in this game, or remember the C64 version which was alittle easier on the eyes.

        The C64 version was much easier on the eyes. Looks like this screenshot was taken from the Acorn version

    Oops... i meant this :)

      You vote will "Stay awhile.... Stay... FOREVER!"


        Destroy him my robots!

        The slanted stripes don't look quite right, bit that has to be it.

          Check my other post above... i accidentally posted a new msg instead of replying to my old one.

            That must be it, even if Serrels hasn't shown up yet to confirm.

            That looks kind of like Deus Ex would have looked if made in 1983.

              Serrels must be cowering and whimpering in a corner after being defeated yet again at Remember This :)

                Exclusive footage of Serrels when he found out it was guessed quickly yet again -

    Is this some inside joke that I'm not aware of? If Tracey posts the image - no one gets it. If Mark posts, someone gets it in seconds! Are we supposed to be pretending to be dumb when Tracey does the "Remember this"? If so - it's hilarious. Surely Mark will go insane soon enough.

      If it's an inside joke, I'm not in on it. I just never get them. :(

      I think eventually Mark's just going to post one pixel. And it will be from Worms or The Dig.

        My turn to shine! It will come one day!!

    Its that futuristic baseball game with robots on the SNES

    C'mon Mark! Where you hiding? Come out come out wherever you are!

      LOL Probably hiding in shame that we cracked it so quickly.

    I guess a second image isn't coming, so, uh... I'll just try with one?

    Track & Field on the NES?

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