Remember This?

Man, you guys got it yesterday. Ah well, at least it wasn't guessed in two minutes! Why don't you guys try this on for size!

I think I may have made this second image too easy for you guys!


    Resident Evil

    GTA, not sure which one though. Looks like a set of stairs from San Andreas to me

    I'm thinking of Ocarina of Time for some reason. It looks like a texture for the stairs in a number of the areas.

    Specifically, the N64 version.

    world of warcraft?

      Yeh looks like the steps outta dalaran going to the port to Cavers of time ...

    Skyrim with the HD texture pack installed?

      Nah man it's totally the PC version of Rage.

        *Slaps head* Were both wrong! Its Uncharted 3 running full HD!

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

    Looks a little Far Cry to me ...

    Red neck rampage
    I have idea ....

      Oops meant to say
      I have NO idea

        Is this the Director's cut version of The Italian job?

    Mario 64

    The Sims?

    It's hand painted. Maybe an adventure game.

    How about... Kings Quest 6?

    final fantasy VIII?

    sam and max (the first adventure game)

    One of the Phoenix Wright games?

      You have it backwards, Detecti

      to be more precise, phoenix wright on the wii

    I have castle of dr brain stuck in my head for some reason, or something of that era. But im not convinced, i have something in mind, and i cant find it.

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