Remember, Those Downloadable PS2 Games Don't Have Any Extra Stuff

There are PS2 games coming to the PlayStation Store. An inevitable, if unfortunate turn of events. And just to be clear, these are PS2 games through and through: no remastering, no fancy updates, nothing.

I mean, that seemed fairly obvious yesterday (given the nature of the announcement and the means of delivery), but there are those left wondering, so for those, here it is. These are the original PS2 games, warts and all. There are no trophies, no new textures, no multiplayer, no bonus features.

Simply throwing old games onto the PlayStation Store with no enhancements is a surefire way to get a lot of them up quickly (Sony seem on track to do around 4-6 per month), but it will also grate with those who own those games on PS2 and, once upon a time, could have played them on a PS3 for nothing. A little polish, even trophies, would have soothed that savage beast.

The first five games to be made available sometime later today are GrimGrimoire, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Ring of Red, Odin Sphere and God Hand.

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    Those that have these game already obviously once owned a PS2. They chose to either sell it or no longer connect it to their TV. They can also chose to not buy these. However those that want to buy these, either for the first time or the second time can. I personally will be buying Oden Sphere and God Hand because I never played them on my PS2.

      God Hand is a brilliant game and I'll be getting it once it's up..

      As you mention, the main focus will be any of those titles that I may have missed that take my fancy.

      I'm still waiting on them confirming if these will play on Vita, because that will be another big tick for me.

    cool mix of titles for the first batch. i wont be buying any of them however because i own all of then already on ps2. and am not opposed to having my $99 ps2 hooked up to my tv. would be great to play them the originals on the ps3 though!

    Does it at least run at a higher res?

      Well it will look better through a HDMI connection or composite cable, but the resolution itself will the same as it was on the PS2 - is what I think Luke's getting at. Not the worst thing, the best thing i ever did was use a composite cable for the PS2 because it improved the visuals a ton (on the lcd tv that is). Some games have a hdtv upscale thing I think, but don't quote me on it!

      The emulator on the original PS3 had the ability to upscale PS2 games.

    Do we at least get smoothing like with the PS1 games?

    Two Vanilla ware games!! Hells yeah, hombres!!

    sorry to sound stupid but, if they havent done anything to it, then how do the ps2 games run then?

      My guess is, probably just through an emulator, or something similar.

      Not stupid.

      My understanding is that the uploaded ones have undergone a recompile to make sure it works.

      The old system had a partial working percentage

    This is awesome. I hope they work on Vita, I'd love to replay Grim Grimoire on a portable.

    If they can do this then make my PS2 discs work directly on the PS3!!

    I can't believe Sony would stoop so low, giving people an opportunity to play games they might have missed out on for any number of completely valid reasons. How dare they give people a method of playing said games that is more convenient than tracking them down second-hand. An unfortunate turn of events indeed!

    The PS3 no longer being backwards compatible is unfortunate. This? This would be a pretty good thing even if it still were.

      Yet if they hadn't removed backwards compatibility, you could play those same games for free if you already had them.. as it is, Sony found a way to charge you per game. Crafty!

    Also hoping for vita compatibility.
    Went the 360 route, have a ps2 i the cupboard but picking up old favorites i don't own on vita would be great.

      This, definitely want PS2 games on the vita. Would love to do FFXII again on a handheld. I find I don't get enough time at home to spend playing games but more than enough time waiting for public transport.

    This actually annoys me....
    Clearly they can emulate the PS2 on the PS3... so why not just add the emulation as a feature and let us use our old disks.... Grrrr.

    I'd actually pay for official universal emulator software rather than this, like what the launch consoles had.

    Right, so if these games really ARE running just through an emulator (and the games themselves haven't been modified in any way for the PS3) then I assume Sony are going to make the emulator public and able to play disks so those of us who own the games can play them via the PS3 without having to buy the game twice. After all, the ability to download the latest emulation software and play our own disk-based PS2 games used to be offered for free, and the 360 has been doing this ever since it came out.

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