Stupid-Looking 3DS Add-On Slide Pad Gets A Monster Box

Nintendo's dumb-looking and uncomfortable 3DS Slide Pad will be sold separately as well as bundled with Monster Hunter 3 (-tri) G.

Nintendo is releasing two Monster Hunter 3 (-tri) G bundles in Japan. One comes with the slide pad and the game. It's priced at ¥6,990 ($91)

The other costs ¥20,800 ($271) and comes with the game and a Monster Hunter-branded 3DS. The game can be played with or without the extra slide pad.

Both will be out Dec. 10, when Monster Hunter 3 (-tri) G hits the 3DS. There doesn't seem to be a bundle that comes with all three—that doesn't make much sense!

The 3DS Expansion Slide Pad will be available separately Dec. 10 for ¥1,500 ($20).


    The slide pad is ugly as sin, but the MH 3DS itself looks nice!

    completly stupid they haven't bundled it with the 3DS as well.

    Anyways everyone knows that nintendo will release a better 3DS next year with built in 2 analog and maybe no 3D as well. I bet it will be called the 3GS.

    Can't wait, I hope it makes the damn thing more comfortable to hold.

      I'm with you brother.

    Nothing will save the 3DS.

      err pokemon?

      a large number of solid AAA releases from tried and tested franchises such as pokemon, zelda, and mario just to name 3.

      games designed around all the additional feautres of the 3DS rather than the 3D.

      The lower pricepoint is helping. I imagine a faster release schedule (get a main pokemon game out by late 2012 in Japan).

      Perhaps a cheaper model without the 3D (sounds silly, most people hate it) which would let them lower production costs. Call it the 3DSLite or something..

      trust me, the 3DS will print money soon enough.

        Damn right Mario, Zelda and Pokemon are tried and tested; I haven't seen a decent original IP from them for Years.

          That's what I hate about Nintendo. Every. Sngle. Game. Is a freaking re-release from the 64 era, or a new game in one of their franchises that doesn't really change anything,
          Sure, it makes money, good for them, but I won't be giving them any of *my* money.
          Looks like it's come back to bite them with the 3DS as well. Good thing too, they needed a wake-up call.

    Stupid region lock sucks. I would import this game if I could. Just like I did with MHP3.

    Eff you Nintendo. Ah well, at least I got my hands on an american 3DS so I can get games on the eshop for half price, and have 20x as many games to choose from :s

    Wow. Ashcraft, the guy who can hardly take his hand off his dick when posting articles calls the add-on uncomfortable despite everyone else who has used it saying the opposite. Then again, this is a guy who spends most of his time writing articles about his spank bank material.

    I know it's wrong to wish ill of a person but ffs this dude is such a horny teen, mouth-breather that I'm sure there is a better use for the oxygen he takes up.

    Yeh what's with the 3ds dongle hating bashcraft?

    That nubbin was rubbish. Now that there's gonna be two of them ... even more rubbish.

    And the whole region lock and lack of good games or even online store for MONTHS after launch!? -they were complacent and treated gamers with contempt.

    I'm glad it's failing. Maybe they will try harder with Wii U .... oh, wait *ROFLMAO*

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