Tekken's Yoshimitsu Is Cutting Heads And Taking Names

Yoshimitsu may be one of the stars of Tekken (and Soulcalibur!), but he's not exactly a household name. Which should make Kotobukiya's decision to make a big, expensive statue of him seem silly.

That is, until you see it. Wearing his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 outfit, the detail in the figure and "gore" on the base are pretty crazy.

While he was first shown off at Comic-Con earlier in the year, this is the first time we've got a real good look at the final sculpt.

He should be out sometime next year.


    That is badass.

    Incredible figure. Such a shame I'm not a fan or I'd snap that up.

    Give me a game where Yoshimitsu fights things like that, and you'll have a day 1 purchase from me.

    They should've matched the gore of the severed head with some blood on his sword....

    I don't even play Tekken and I want one.

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