The Opening Cinematic For Halo: CE Anniversary Makes Me Feel All Funny Inside

The original Halo was a big deal for me, and I've probably seen this opening cinematic around 20 times, so this updated HD version with polished up visuals, makes me feel all funny inside. For the right reasons.

Both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 will feature great multiplayer but, strangely, Halo: CE Anniversary is the shooter I'm most looking forward to this year — especially in terms of single player campaigns.

Halo CE had something that its sequels struggled to recapture: a bewildering sense of scale and possibility. Despite the fact that Reach had bigger environments, a bigger sandbox, and more enemies — it somehow never managed to match that feeling of awe. Most likely Halo: CE Anniversary won't either — how could it? But still, this opening cinematic brought a lot of feeling rushing back.



    Pretty amazing, except...

    what the hell did they do to Captain Keyes' face?! He looks nothing like the old version.

      And his name badge no longer says "Hello my name is Keyes"!!!!

    Well that brought back some memories, that for sure.

    The nostalgia...I can't take it!

    Yeah, Keyes doesn't look like Keyes :(

    Is Cortanas voice Layla from Futurama now?

    Yeah at best he is looking pretty young in this scene compared to the original. Doesn't even look like the same model that was used in Halo Reach.

    Anyone else get shivers as they watched this? Halo CE will always be one of the most important games in gaming history imo. old's Miranda going to be?

    Unseal the Hushed Casket, indeed.
    I was a bit meh about Halo Anniversary, until I saw this video. Everything looks so shiny! Except for Keyes' face. He looks like he got hit with an ugly stick.

    Whaaaaaa? Mark serrels likes shooters, my mind boggles haha

    Sigh. Glancing at the still frame on the unloaded video, I thought for a moment I was looking at an Anachronox sequel or HD version. A man can dream.

    Wait a minute...

    Where the hell is Captain Keyes Smoking Pipe?

      I didnt notice that...

      Good eye lol...

        Agreed. Extremely good eye.


    they removed and changed certain cut scenes slightly in CEA

    wheres my MARATHON LOGO on the POA GRR!

      Bungie has retained the rights to anything related to Marathon, so even though they may have used Marathon stuff in Halo 1-3 and ODST, you'll notice Marathon references were absent from Reach (you couldn't even have the Marathon symbol as an emblem in the multiplayer!) so it's no small surprise those references will be absent from Halo Anniversary, even though it's just a remake of the original.

    "Show us on the doll where the trailer touched."

    Points at heart.

    I wonder if those missing details will be back when you switch it to the original graphics mode. I'm assuming you can do that in the cutscenes...

    Seriously Microsoft, where's Keyes goddamn pipe.

    I don't remember the sarge saying that actually.

    A couple of different things but not that.

    I remember:

    "I don't care if it's God's own son of a bitch machine or a goddamn hula hoop! We will not let them have it! What we will let them have, is a belly full of lead and a pool of their own blood to drown in! Am I right Marines??"

      I think the Sergeant only says that if you play on Legendary difficu- oh, I see what you did there.

    now THIS is an HD upgrade

    other "HD" upgrades maybe changed the textures a bit, and made it fit widescreen, but this is a complete overhaul, it's amazing!

    i hope this level of effort goes to the Final Fantasy X HD remake!

    sarge johnson looks like a black charlie chaplin

    Frankie goes online telling everyone how they haven't "pulled a lucas" and changed things (, and all I can think about is how they've totally ruined Keyes and Sarge.

    Look's pretty damn awesome. And you're right about the sense of scale: Halo's story mode was the most fun to play, Reach had the best story, ODST had the most heart and Halo 2 had the best multiplayer.

    I was excited for this. But as I watched it I realized I just want to go play the original...

    The pipe and the chin-grab were all very subtle things but for some sick reason those were the things I remembered about Keyes... and now in the "HD'd" version he just seems like a generic youngish guy with gray hair. Why can't he just be an older grizzled ships captain? Do they think that would offend fratboys or something? :-P I just don't get it... why change those little things at all? what is the reason?

    Glad my original X-box is still hooked up. I'm gonna play some Halo the old-fashioned way, methinks. Will still probably get this Anniversary version for my Dad though... he likes Halo but doesn't even know the first thing about the storyline. He just shoots things and is happy.

    Looks like a bit of a shit stain on my fond memories of Halo: CE :3 *sigh* :/

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