Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Halo CE Anniversary Trailers...

So I put this trailer for movies you can find inside the Halo CE Anniversary game - which is itself a remake - on Kotaku so you can get excited about watching while you play a game you've already played 10 years ago. Alright, so that 'joke' doesn't really come close to working properly, but the point remains - this a trailer for the new movies/terminals you'll find inside Halo CE Anniversary.

As a heads up for non-Halo nerds like myself - Terminals have been a fixture in Halo since forever, and usually provide background information on the game universe. Think of them as informative easter eggs. They're typically at the heart of speculation about the game's story. Usually these Terminals mostly feature dry text, but this time they're set to have nicely animated short cut-scenes that fill out the game's back story.

Now, a question - is it wrong that I'm far more excited for the Halo CE Anniversary than I am about Halo 4?


    It's not wrong to be more excited for Anniversary than Halo 4! I mean I'm pretty interested in how Halo 4 is gonna turn up, but since it's no longer Bungie themselves it leaves you wondering if it's still gonna have that same Halo "magic."

    Anniversary however is gonna allow us to play the original in an awesome looking way. We already know it's gonna be awesome fun and it'll be filled with nostalgia too. And for me it'll also mean introducing my GF to the beginning of the entire saga! I mean we played through Reach, 3 and ODST so it'll be good to see where it all began.

    Shiny. And no, it's not wrong to be more excited for Halo CE Anniversary - after all, Halo 4 is TBA 2012 (likely September-November ish).

    I've gotta agree Mark. Looking forward to Halo CE Anniversary much more than Halo 4. I'm a bit disappointed that the multiplayer is an addition to Reach multiplayer and not a Live enable CE multiplayer, but whatever.

    As for Halo 4. I've currently got no idea how good 343 are at making games, so I'm not holding my breathe that they can match Bungie. Hopefully I'm surprised and amazed by what they produce, but I'm more interested in Bungie's new project than Halo 4

      I'm more excited for the CE than Halo 4 as well but the multiplayer thing has me pretty bummed. I would really have liked the original multiplayer, with the original maps. I was hoping they would have it that way but include the multiplayer game options that later games had, I know you probably couldn't have forge in it as that would be a monumental task.

      Pretty disappointed that it won't be in it.

    "is it wrong that I’m far more excited for the Halo CE Anniversary than I am about Halo 4?"

    Absolutley not! The music in that trailer gives me chills, I cannot wait to experience the game again with the soundtrack. Halo composing has always been top notch, hopefully that will be the case with Halo 4 but not being a Bungie title has been concerned as well as apprehensive.

      Also, hands up those people hoping for a Halo 2 Anniversary before the release of Halo 4. Would absolutely love to play 1-3, ODST, Reach and then 4 all the current gen consoles with current gen console graphics.

        *Hand firmly up TO THA MAXXXX!*
        Especially considering my real copy of Halo 2 wont read anymore!!!! :/

        Maybe they can fix those weird cutscene-starts-playing-while-textures-and-models-are-still-loading-so-it-looks-all-whack issues that were there in 2. Well I mean they definitely could fix them, and that'd be great.

        (Epic hyphenation is epic :P)

    Of course it's ok to be more excited about Halo CE, bringing the original back to life is a good thing.

    Halo 4 is just gonna be like Halo 3 which was like Halo 2 which was just like Halo 1.

    Looking forward to CE more than Halo 4 too.

    Truth and Reconciliation is the best level ever.

    GAME are offering 55% extra on your trade ins towards HALO! i know what im doing!

    I have had Halo 1 constantly installed on my PC for years for the multiplayer and I can honestly say it had got less than an hours worth of play in the last year. I do love the series for it's immersive story and environments, but damn that game was a grind to finish back in the day. Im not sure new graphics will be enough to draw me back-I think I'll hold out for 4 and hope there is finally some greater innovation to the series than a bunch of jetpacks.

    The music sent chills down my spine.

    Such an amazing game :D

    it is SO good to hear 343's voice again. I've missed him, despite him being him

    Is it me, or does Guilty Spark sound different?

      Same to me, I think they are redubbing the game, still the original cast but the dialogue re-recorded to match the new cut scenes.

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