The Voice Of The Dark Knight Talks About Batman: Arkham City

I had a chance to talk Kevin Conroy, the man who's given voice to Batman for the last decade and more. The veteran actor talks about what it was like coming back to the video game medium for a second time as the Caped Crusader and the challenges of playing such a well-known character.


    I just want to know if he starts talking along with the lines when he plays it.

    Batman in sterio.

    So pissed off that I have to miss Armageddon Expo this year. Was really looking forward to meeting Kevin.

    If I were him I'd only speak in the Batman voice while speaking publicly and do prank calls from Batman or talk dirty to my wife as Batman. I guess this is why I'm not allowed to be him and he is. :-P

    just listened to it (no video) - he's interviewing bruce wayne!!

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