The World Has Become A Video Game, And It Is Very, Very Sad

This is a commercial currently airing on Australian TV. I won't spoil the bizarre ending by telling you what it's for, but that's not the point. The point is how great the voxel effects look.

Voxels, which had a trendy little run in the video game business in the 1990s with titles like Outcast and Comanche, are making a bit of a comeback in recent times courtesy of games such as Minecraft, Voxatron and 3D Dot Game Heroes.


    When I first saw the ad, I was impressed and then I was infuriated. I'm a little sick of society using gaming and modern technology as a scapegoat.

    Still, I don't really see how it all ties in with Gardening tools, because most people play games to avoid doing chores. Whether they have Stihl products or not. =/

    I have no idea why this ad would want to make me buy power tools. The average consumer doesn't want to have to think on an inception deep level to make sense of that.

    yeah because when i think about spending a day outdoors, i don't think, let's go for a walk, or let's kick a footy around, i think "Hey! Let's play with a chainsaw!!!"

      Put that chainsaw on the end of a gun and I'll think about it!

        2 chainsaws strapped to a canoe paddle.

        Not an insulting ad. Just makes more wtf than sense.

    So... what exactly does this have to do with the Stihl brand?

    Smacks of something an ad agency came up with to try and get some attention without bothering to see how it meshes with the brand in question.

    Also, CBF did it first. In a less pretty and more obnoxious way, but they were first.

    Well, the add did it's job, it's made publicity. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the brand or what they are advertising it just has to get 'out there' really. It's a success, it has you guys talking about it.

    Those people dissolving are a little nightmarish.

    i thought it was an awesome ad

    lighten up guys - its quite clever, and there is about 0 reference to video games

    you make the connection yourself

      It was a cool ad until the "Get real, Get Outside" bit which is a huge reference to video games, last time I checked movies and toys are not made of voxels and get real is obviously referring to video games being a waste of time as it is a fake reality, the message is clear and all forms of media use video gamers as a scapegoat which in this case is really dumb.

      I more or less agree here. Games are a big part of it (sports titles, FarmVille, Nintendogs) but the ad is about people who substitute the virtual for the actual and find it lacking. The most important scene (given how much screen time it got) was socialising at the BBQ, in the garden/backyard.

      Clever, and quite effective with cool FX

    I actually thought the voxels looked quite beautiful, in a very Minecrafty kind of way. Heck, even the simple Piano music was reminiscent of climbing a mountain and surveying the pixelated landscape around you.

    I thought it was funny.

      Me too. Are we the only ones?

    If it was more of a campaign to promote the healthiness or the heart foundation or anything to do with health, this would seem like quite a good ad. Not only that, but it would make SENSE.

    I already have a power drill and a hammer, but if I ever have need for a chainsaw, I'll be sure and buy Ryobi. Back in the 90s their advertisement had a samurai in it.

      I haven't seen a Ryobi ad in a long time. Please don't tell me they have gotten rid of the Samurai, was one of the best logo scenes around

    Chainsaws > Video games

    Here's a better form of this execution from about 5 or 6 yrs ago for Canon also done out of Aus.
    The only SFX is the bull.

    Is this on ytube? I can't watch it here.

    I just came in from working in my garden.

    I thought it was a government ad about getting out of the house, but then the power tools show up. Biggest trolls.

    I interpreted it as "Use Stihl power tools to chop up your dog and loved ones into little cubes"

    Sport injures more children than video games will ever injure the entire human populace.

    Industrial tools are responsible for missing fingers among other workplace incidents. And yet, with that said, they'll attack a harmless medium to promote tools.

    What self-indulgent tripe that was.

    Well my ultimate reaction was "Wow thats really kind of beautif... chainsaws? Err... Wha?"

    Maybe the moral is that if you used a chainsaw the dog wouldn't have bumped into the tree?

      True, but chainsaw-ing the dog Gears style is a little extreme for what is just an absent minded pup, with possible crossed eyes...

    A great piece of film made with the agencies portfolio in mind. I can't decide if it is deliberately ludicrous or not, that sort of message is usually reserved for more positive outdoor activities, not something destructive.

    Only game I've ever played that used voxels was Blade Runner. Even then it was only reserved for the character models.

    This ad has made me reconsidering my life as a gamer. Tomorrow I'm going out to buy a chainsaw.

    This ad has made me reconsider my life as a gamer. Tomorrow I'm going out to buy a chainsaw.

    "Screw with Mario, fuck up a Tree"

    That's what I got from it.

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