This Week's Cosplay: Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Zelda, Adventure Time

Regular Fancy Pants posts have been on a little break for a while as we recharged from a glut of events like PAX and the Tokyo Game Show. We're back as usual this week, though, and it seems the time off has worked wonders.

Why? Because for sheer quality this might be the best we've ever done. There's Eliza from Deus Ex. Two amazing female Mass Effect cosplayers. A very hunky Chesty Jake from Prince of Persia. Batman's greatest decision. Two girls from Final Fantasy making out. Two people dressed as characters from, of all games, AION.

Oh, and my favourite: Fionna, from the gender-bending episode of Adventure Time.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it... yeah.

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    The lesbian FF13 one set off my 'a-bit-much' alarm, but I have to admit... there were times during the actual game where I thought for sure they were about to go there :-P

      yeah i second that - kinda ruined it. It sort of one of those "just for the sake of it" kinds of things...

      Oh well.

      Who's the asian girl in the cat suit meant to be? Anyone know? That is one DAMN sexy picture.

      Love the scars on the face of the fem shep too, looks neato

        Pretty sure It's one of the girls from Gantz

          It's definitely Gantz. <3 Gantz ^_^

      You rekon? When was their any sexual tension between Fang and Lightning? Fang and Vanille maybe...

        Was only referring to lesbianism in general in the comment, though Fang and Vanille was who I was really referring to specifically in my mind... Sorry, I'm not always clear unless you're in here and know what I'm thinking as well ;-P

    The batman cosplay pic made me lol irl

      That's one of the things i've always wanted to do if i ever become rich.. just kit myself and my mates out with awesome costumes and just go shopping and the such - like regular people - only we're not regular people, we're stormtroopers and batman and space marines ect.

      I just think it would be hella fun...

      Imagine Batman going into target and buying himself a little pair of batman undies. :D

    Tomb Raider FTW!

      Because it has the most tits?

        not everyone is weaboo

        My ideal woman cannot be described as 'Boobs McGee'... but I am a fan of the Tomb Raider games. Admittedly that prolly makes me a minority, but I just thought I'd throw it out there.

    Everybody loves big tits.

    *inserts witty one liner

    "she can tomb raid my pants any day"

    The batman one made me laugh it is pure gold!

    I'm quite the fan of breasts but a much bigger fan of comfort. Missus assures me that what Tomb Raider is wearing in the chest department will leave her with some dam sore muscles / tendony things (whatever hold boobs up).

    Tali pic would be better if there was no sun glare (not sure what the official term is) in the visor but otherwise gets my vote from this lot.

    Some of those costumes are really stunning.

    I do have to admit the Fang/Lightning pic was quite nice. And the Lara cosplay was pretty cool too; there was fanservice but the costume is relatively plausible (that said, I would assume the in-game Lara would have a very supportive bra, for practical reasons alluded to by Drunkin Punkin).

    I just want to add, if Lara didn't wear a supportive Bra the tendons and muscles that hold the breast up can rip. Painful o_<

    Kotaku, why don't you ever show cosplays done by the readers? It would be nice to see if anyone cosplays out there!

    I was initially going to say the Mass Effect cosplayer was the best BUT then I saw the Tomb Raider cosplayer's boobs.

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