Throw Grenades With Halo: Anniversary’s Kinect Functionality

Throw Grenades With Halo: Anniversary’s Kinect Functionality

You can shout “grenade!” and see Master Chief sling one with the Kinect functionality 343 Industries has added to Halo: Anniversary, the high-definition remake coming on November 15. Other voice commands include “reload!” the studio revealed yesterday at Comic-Con.

Kinect will also support the spoken command “analyse”, which allows players to capture specific items from the environment and store them in the game’s “library”, where they are given a text listing and a 3D model to view up close.

Library is available only for those with Kinect, however. (Reloading and grenade chucking are, of course, available for controller-only gamers.)

Though 343 did not specify further, it sounds as though “reload”, “grenade” and “analyse” are not the only spoken commands Halo: Anniversary will recognise. We’d already heard that Kinect would allow players to switch the game between its high-definition and classic graphics.

Also, ShackNews reported that 343 revealed that “Hang ‘Em High” is the final multiplayer map for Anniversary.

A short video of 343’s discussion of Kinect functionality may be seen at Joystiq.

Halo Anniversary Kinect Detailed, Goes Gold [Shacknews]


  • Any word yet on when it will recognise Australians saying Grenade. or are we so alien that its different language.

  • I find the idea of shouting at the TV a bit lame. I wonder if people actually do it or if they more are on my ill just press the button logic.

    • It’s really hard to see any benefit, isn’t it? I mean, pressing a button is going to be quicker and doesn’t make you look and sound like a knob. I guess it could be handy if the button on your controller wasn’t working and you hadn’t got around to buying a new one yet. Or something.

      Been ages since I played Halo – can you cook the grenades in that? If so, how are you supposed to do that? “Grrrrrrreeeeeeeennnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaade”.

      • No cooking of grenades as far as I can remember. However, I was at a LAN one time, and all the other team were in the room down the hall (in game), so we sacrificed one team mate by throwing all our plasmas on him, then had him run into the room and kill everyone in it.

  • New Kinect command – saying “N00B!!11!” makes your character teabag the nearest dead body and your girlfriend leave you.

  • Everyone brush up on your American accent faking. I doubt Microsoft have finished with the Aussie patch AT ALL.

    • Yes. Remember, “rockets” is in fact pronounced “rackets” and “good game” is pronounced “good geem”.

  • what if the ai yell grenade in game. could there be some possibility the kinect registers it and I lose my ammo due to a blunder. I know the possibility is low but if your TV is loud enough then maybe this fup could be possible

  • Hmm that’ll be awesome in team games…

    OK you guys go left, Me and Pete’ll guard the flag.

    Crap their on RELOAD us, guys they may RELOAD have the GRENADE GRENADE RELOAD RELOAD RELOAD you stupid machine why can’t you understand the ****ing word RELOAD.

    OK so we’re dead and they got the Flag. Wait FLAG makes it RELOAD now?

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