Use Kinect. For Banking. Maybe.

You can do lots of stuff with Kinect. You can view media with it. You can play games. You can act like a doofus in your living room. Soon, you might even be able to do banking.

A Lithuanian company called Etronika is developing an application that uses a Kinect interface, reports PC World. The company specialises in online banking software. Kinect specialises in motion and voice commands.

Here's what Etronika has so far: The banking app's interface has two rows of icons. According to PC World, by waving your arm to the left, you can rotate the top row. Wave your arm to the right and rotate the bottom row. To select an icon, bring your hands together in front of you.

It also might be possible to use the app to pay bills. In the tech demo, the application's system architect held up his cell phone, causing it to appear on screen. A copy of the bill was sent to his phone by simply by waving his hand to the left.

The Kinect banking app is currently in development and hasn't yet been sold to a bank.

Company Shows off Kinect Banking App [PC World]

Top photo: Vince Bucci/AP


    kinect for paying bills.... no thanks... I don't trust motion control for paying bills

    Nooooo someone will see my password dance!

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