The Kinect Finally Has A Proper Use: Funny Half-Life Videos

Garry's Mod has added support for Kinect. The popular PC machinima/screwing around tool will be able to read your movements on Microsoft's camera and, to the best of its ability, recreate the actions in the game.

What results won't change the world. But it will result in some funny, funny stuff. Especially since Kinect works on servers, meaning people can get together and just dance.


    Now combine that with the Source Film Maker...

      This + the Source Film Maker and you have results in minutes that some exceptionally technically minded indy animators have produced. The Kinect has limitations in terms of the type of Mo-Cap you can do, but with a multiplayer engine supporting multiple Kinects and real time presentation of the interaction you're getting 80% of what you need produced for a tiny percentage of the cost of a proper mo-cap suite and a capable animation clean up tool to render your final product.

      People have been using the kinect with source film maker since it was in beta.

    Probably the best use for kinect

    So.........could that mean you could *play* HL with Kinect?

    Why is this so funny. I can't stop laughing at the swinging brick guy.

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