Watch Me Beat Kinect Sports 2 Tennis Without Moving

Watch Me Beat Kinect Sports 2 Tennis Without Moving
It’s not often I get to proclaim myself an athlete, and today isn’t going to change that, but I will say that I owned the shit out of my computer-controlled opponents today in Kinect Sports Season Two.

After feeling really awkward for a while playing a Kinect game in an office filled with quietly working people, I decided to get comfortable. I sat down, tried to move as little as possible, make sure nobody was looking at my shameful endeavour. Eventually I found tennis to be the easiest, allowing me to beat the computer without moving at all.

Note: Sitting completely still with your arm out staring at your workstation is only marginally less embarrassing then actually playing Kinect games in public.


  • I’m so sick of all this kinect bashing. Sure you can play it that way, but that’s no fun. Boohoo, there’s no hardcore games out. Instead there’s games where you actually have to move to play it properly and are actually fun to play with someone next to you. And instead of bashing kinect, why don’t you actually get off the couch and give it a try. /rant

    • I think you’ll find most people HAVE tried it, and they’re very let down by either:
      1) The lack of accuracy / fidelity in control, or
      2) Things are automated to account for the lack of accuracy, meaning the game defaults to ‘let the player win’.

      These are issues nobody is coming up with a solid design to solve thus far. Kinect is VERY impressive technology, but it also has serious limitations that no other controller interface suffers from – Until someone can address those, it’s going to frustrate most gamers.

  • That’s pretty awful! Still, if you were playing a human opponent in that fashion you’d get pwned, and Kinect is pretty much designed for party games.

  • If its like Kinect Sports 1, there was different difficulty settings.

    On the easiest setting, you could win without moving.
    On the hardest setting, it was bloody hard.

    I suspect Chris was playing on the easiest setting.
    Like playing guitar hero on easiest where matching colour buttons is not required.

  • Same old Kinect bashing comments.
    Fact is Kinect was never ment to be a hard core gamer item. Its casual fun.
    The whole Kinect experience is based around mini games to have some fun with.
    Thats why Kinect games are half the price of regular games. Theyre mini games.

  • The main problem with the kinect is the games aren’t that great. I know they’re mini games, but they’re all pretty much the same. So far child of Eden and Dance evolution seem to be the only decent ones out there.

    More good games the more people will like it

  • this is sad sad sad! The fact you recorded yourself being a tosser, is much more embarrassing than playing kinect in public.

    The add on is to be a casual fun item to be used for party games or enhanced titles etc.

    Whinge whinge whinge from all you ‘hard core’ gamers complaining about it, simple don’t like it don’t buy it.

    And as for this reviewer your a dick!

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