Watch Nintendo Give New 3DS Details

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is calling today's presentation "Nintendo Direct". Think of it as a fireside chat with the company responsible for Mario.

It's expected that Nintendo will detail Mario Kart 7's wireless features, show new Monster Hunter 3G footage as well as detail the 3D filming functionality coming to the 3DS in the November update.

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Watch the press conference here.

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    I dont know how they can even classify the 3ds as a new generation platform when it can't even support genuine online play for it's biggest title, monster hunter 3G.

    Plain dissapointing. Thats all I have to say.

      Nice trolling there.
      Capcom chose not to include online play.

      The 3DS is capable of internet multiplayer, but Capcom must have run out of development time.

        Or rather, I don't think Capcom needs online for Monster Hunter in Japan, as this is a (so far) japan only game. The franchise is so popular over there, that everyone can hook up with some friends to play rather to go online.

        If it were to come to Europe/USA, I think it would be an online game. Or, atleast I hope so. But, in the end, we'll get MH4, which definitely will be an online title.

      Go read a book.

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