Weep For Modern Life In Forza 4’s Live-Action Trailer

Weep For Modern Life In Forza 4’s Live-Action Trailer
There’s not much gameplay to this Forza 4 trailer. Just a European man being very sad that he can’t drive a very expensive Aston Martin around some inner city blocks like a lunatic.

I can see where they’re going with it all, the “endangered species” angle and everything, but when you have a set of keys in your pocket that opens a car most people will never even touch, let alone drive, it’s hard to feel sorry for you.


  • I thought this trailer was awful, a really off message. There is a big difference between people that genuinely love cars and love driving them, and people who drive like maniacs through cities being chased by cops, the trailer does a very bumbled job of conveying its ideas.

    I think it would have been nicer just to have had the AM stuck in traffic then eventually get to a race track and be set loose.

    Of course the GT fanboy red flags will go up when I write this, but compared to GT’s “we love cars” trailer with all the toy cars..it’s this trailer that seems silly, somewhat ironically!

  • How about bunch of different people looking at cars at a car show, no you can’t drive them, but you can take home Forza 4 and have a blast etc.
    Some dude tearing up regular city streets, being chased by cops, is not something Forza is known for.

  • “We are an endangered species you and i…”

    You keep saying it Clarkson but i don’t see my 100k sports car anywhere around here, so it looks like your the only one in this species.

  • Jeremy Clarkson ftw. If there was a ad to sell a game, in my opinion, this is it. The great Top Gear integration is the sole reason why I’m buying Forza 4.

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