Weep For Modern Life In Forza 4's Live-Action Trailer

There's not much gameplay to this Forza 4 trailer. Just a European man being very sad that he can't drive a very expensive Aston Martin around some inner city blocks like a lunatic.

I can see where they're going with it all, the "endangered species" angle and everything, but when you have a set of keys in your pocket that opens a car most people will never even touch, let alone drive, it's hard to feel sorry for you.


    It's like the sub-par version of the BMW short films from a few years ago.

    Not quite sure how the Cop Chase fits into the Forza message... Still, I do quite enjoy watching an Aston slide around corners.

    Is that Jeremy Clarkson doing the voiceover?

      yes its him

        ohhh JC, they're spending up big this year (or is it just part of the TG_UK tie-in?)
        not bad, sorta made me wanna go play gt5 ;) :P

          But then you remember how much GT5 sucks and start hanging out for FM4 again

    I thought this trailer was awful, a really off message. There is a big difference between people that genuinely love cars and love driving them, and people who drive like maniacs through cities being chased by cops, the trailer does a very bumbled job of conveying its ideas.

    I think it would have been nicer just to have had the AM stuck in traffic then eventually get to a race track and be set loose.

    Of course the GT fanboy red flags will go up when I write this, but compared to GT's "we love cars" trailer with all the toy cars..it's this trailer that seems silly, somewhat ironically!

      I thought it was very clear in its message.

    How about bunch of different people looking at cars at a car show, no you can't drive them, but you can take home Forza 4 and have a blast etc.
    Some dude tearing up regular city streets, being chased by cops, is not something Forza is known for.

    I can just see Faux News jumping all over this....

    "We are an endangered species you and i..."

    You keep saying it Clarkson but i don't see my 100k sports car anywhere around here, so it looks like your the only one in this species.

    Jeremy Clarkson ftw. If there was a ad to sell a game, in my opinion, this is it. The great Top Gear integration is the sole reason why I'm buying Forza 4.

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