You May Now Watch Grand Theft Auto III's 10th Anniversary Trailer

Behold the 10th anniversary for Grand Theft Auto III, a game that came out on October 22, 2001, back before Halo existed (Halo came out a month later, and, man, we're all so old!).

What version of the game is this? A Rockstar rep says it's not the new mobile version, which is coming soon to iOS and Droid . (We have played that new version, and we like it.)


    Could it be possible they are doing a port to 360 arcade perhaps?

    Why no GTA 3 in mac app store anymore?

    Goddamn bring this out for the consoles (and PC so I have a reason to record all the stupid things I used to do in this game :D).
    Wondering if the entire radio soundtracks with it as well, otherwise it just isnt the same (Good ol' Flashback FM, MSX FM, Head Radio and Chatterbox)


        It's a hard act to follow

    Can it be on the psn network please

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