Your Ticket To The Starhawk Beta Is Inside Uncharted 3

That copy of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception you're probably going to buy anyway has an added incentive — one ticket for early access to the Starhawk public beta.

Developer Naughty Dog writes on the official PlayStation blog that "all retail copies" of Uncharted 3 will include a voucher code for the Lightbox Interactive's sequel-to-Warhawk's multiplayer beta. The Starhawk beta is expected to go wide in "early 2012".


    Uncharted 3 purchase just got that much better!!

    Was going to buy it anyway, but yeah that's a nice little bonus.

    Nice to see it's going into EVERY version, too, not limited to special editions or pre-orders of PS+ subscribers etc. Although it wouldn't surprise me if PS+ people can get it without needing to buy Uncharted 3.

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