Are These The Best Modern Warfare 3 Players In The World?

There appear to be at least two Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players in the world who have essentially levelled up 800 times each. Eight hundred times.

The Call of Duty games have something called Prestige Mode. It allows a player who has reached the higher online level in the game's multiplayer to give up their rank and start over. In exchange, in Modern Warfare 3, they're given access to something called the Prestige Shop and a bunch of new goodies.

You can Prestige over and over again. Each time you earn a new Prestige level. We've discovered two players (one with the help of friendly tipster The Dude) who have both Prestiged 10 times and have maxed out at level 80. That is officially insane. There may be more of them, but I haven't been able to track them down.

Here are their stats:


Ernest Le


    Or, they are unemployed...

      Or, remembering school just ended...

    Or they're just boosting.

    The numbers just don't add up.

    If we divide 125hrs (roughly between the two players total played time 123-127) by the ten max outs then we get a player who hits level 80 in just 12.5 hrs of play time. That on it's own should start alarm bells.

    Also they did it while only averaging a 2:1 KD. Yeah, granted two to one is nothing to sneeze at but to get to level 80 in such a short time they certainly didn't do it by shooting people.

    So what's left? Repair exploit anyone?

    These guys [b]may[/b] be the leetest of the leet, but to me, just from their stats, they look like some jerks who should be banned, not lauded.

      sometime the numbers don't add up brother, not to mention both would've had 24 hours of mountain dew double xp and 14 prestige tokens. you just seem mad, and also nice HTML fail there.

        Do HTML tags work? Test

          oops Test

      your forgetting the stupid XP boosters and the like that are available

      with 11 hours played and a K/D of 1.2 I'm level 60 already, getting to 80 within 12.5hr seems very easy imo

    A bit of all three I think. that much time PLAYING on-line in two weeks. I hate it when people say us gamers need to get a life, but seriously 127 hours, 5 1/3 days! that is nuts.

    The "race" to top rank in all games is usually done by boosting or modding. CoD has always been subject to modded leaderboards too.

    Seriously, I haven't checked in a while, but check the top score of anything on the Leaderboards. The first 1,000 gamertags are always modded. Nobody can have NEGATIVE percentage in accuracy.

    127 hours? Id say they were boosting.

    you can watch ernest le play on youtube, he always does streams and what not, 100% legit.

    So am I one of the few who just play it online with my friends for the purpose of having fun??? nowhere near prestige 10 and don't care?

      You are one of the 99.999999% dude. Only true nerds rack up 127 hours of play time from a game released like... not that long ago. Or rather, people with absolutely no life. I mean, I love video games and would love to play more, but CMON! That is a longass time. Meh.

        My irony metre just blew up. "True Nerds" you say while commenting on a post on a gaming site. I'm not hating here, I am just wondering if you and your bros drink 6 packs every day and high five while talkin' about babes?

    They would get destroyed by any average PC player.

      Where does it say Xbox 360 or ps3? Troll...

        PC doesn't have elite. These stats don't exist on PC

      It's most likely the PC players that are the ones doing the hacks, not console players.

    My first game I stole host and went 25/5. I should have just given up there - I played 3 more games and lost them all through weird lag issues. Now I'm back playing BF3.

      More like back to smoking bluevein...

    Ernest Le livestreamed just about all of it, it was legit. As for the other guy im sure he was legit as well. Ernest Le, and presumably Furyxex as well, had the game the wednesday before the release date so its not 120ish hours in 5 days its 120ish hours in 11 days, ridiculous but not impossible.

    So much effort to reach max rank in a Modern Warfare Texture Pack Expansion? Seems a bit silly to me...

    5 days worth of gamplay since the game came out 11 days ago? Either hacked, boosted or simply have no life at all. It wouldnt suprise me if their stats get reset. Plus with the hacking and boosting still present in the games, it's going to make Activisions whole "win real life prizes by playing" redundant.

    Boosted. One thing to note: nearly all of the accumulated game time was in Kill Confirmed. A game mode that only progresses IF you bother to pick up the dog tags, hence they could just sit there shooting each other in the face over and over. These guys aren't the best Call of Duty players ever they just have a really weird concept of having fun.

      BZZT- Logic fail. If they were boosting in Kill Confirmed don't you think they would have a higher KD than 2?

    Soon the US. Marine Corp will be conscripting these fine soldiers for the war against China.

    Guy got the game almost a week early and has been power-leveling in Kill Confirmed because of all the dog tag bonuses and Specialist Bonuses while also having double XP. Also gotta include the fact we wins A LOT and has a really good K/D.

    Took me ~20hrs to Prestige and with double xp I'd be down to a bit more than 10hrs and 10 Prestiges would becomes around 5 days also.

    I'm talking about Ernest Le (he made a vid talking about it and I've been stalking his elite stats for a few days)

    Lol, I've had the game since the day it came out and I'm still on level 20. I play it a bit, but I'm busy having a life.

    Ernest Lee did it legitimately. I believe he is a youtuber or something :)

    "Are These The Best Modern Warfare 3 Players In The World?"'s a better questoin "how long can u hold your breath while a girl sits on your face". my answer "FOREVER"

    Seems like it can be done in that time frame - I'm Prestiege 3 after about 48 hours

    I'm gonna say these are definitely good players, but i have a 2.63 K:D and still increasing and a win percentage of 66% and still increasing and i got to prestige 10 while being a full time college student and leaving the game console at home only being able to play during breaks. I also have a friend that has played many hours with a 3.86 K:D, so determining the best player would definitely require more variables than just two people who get to play a game all day because some part of their life allows them to.

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