Bethesda Working On Skyrim Graphics Problems On Xbox, Advises Not Installing Yet

If you want to get the best graphics out of your Xbox 360 play-through of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim you may want to hold off on installing it to your console's hard drive. At least for now, developer Bethesda says.

Early reports of graphic issues with the almost universally beloved role-playing game led the developer to look into the reports and post an update on their official forums:

"Skyrim uses a lot of dynamic streaming systems, including textures," according to the official forum post. "We've seen a few reports of certain textures temporarily scaling down on the Xbox 360 and not scaling back up. We have verified that this issue does not occur when playing off the disk and when the game is fully cached (not installed). Skyrim makes heavy use of the Xbox 360 caching system, and caches over the normal course of play while in menus or interiors. This cache can be wiped when other games are played or when the user manually removes it. We're working on a solution in the next title update for those who have installed the game. "

So while a fix is in the works, it sounds like the best temporary solution is to just not install the game on your console.

Texture Scaling on 360 [Bethesda Forums, thanks LikChan]


    Unfortunately I have to install my games or I am too distracted by the insane noise coming from my disk drive, it's like 747 on takeoff! (well maybe not quite, but its annoying).

    I did notice the framerate drops a bit when you pan the screen when its installed but other then that nothing noticeable. Pretty awesome game regardless though! Random side note: the artbook I got with collectors edition has 2 whole chapters doubled up in it (statues chapter and the one after it) - whoops.

    Hey! I'm having this problem and mine isn't installed

    I could easily notice this issue when I played with the game installed to the HDD.

    Since then, I have installed the game to a USB Flashdrive and found this seems to resolve the issue? I can't say I've noticed it creep back in, but an official Yay or nay would be helpful.

    Can't get into the Bethesda Forums, probably because they're being hammered.

    Hm... uninstall the game for graphics and loud "RRRRRNGGHGHRRGGH" sounds? Or keep it installed with apparently not as great graphics and delightful silence?

      I faced the same difficult decision, then reached the ultimate solution, crank the speakers to drown out the whirrrrrr of the CD drive, and in doing such you get to fully immerse yourself in the skyrim world with their epicly awesome soundtrack ^^

    I made a video about this last night showing people how it differs.

    This video only shows the hand but I've done a bit more testing and I've found that a lot of the world, cobble stone roads etc looks really crappy when you play installed.

    i saw it to but even worse is when it was freezing but my xbox is a reach slim so my drive can take it but dam it still looked better than oblivion.

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