Buy Your Own Stuffed Dragonborn Helmet

So you want to look like Skyrim's Dragonborn but don't want to go to the snow, get beat up and punch a lot of wolves in the face. Next best thing? Buying a plush Dragonborn hat.

Theese polar fleece pieces (with stuffed horns) are made to order, and cost $US40. Worth it? If you look as enthused as the lady above, then...maybe...

The Dragonborn Helmet


    despite most of her face being covered, you can tell exactly what she's thinking...

    i need to fire my agent.

      But then if you follow the link, you find out the model is actually the creator of the helmet. :/

      Part of me really wants to buy this and actually use it as a beanie in the cold. But then I remember that I live in Australia.

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