Call Of Duty Thief Escapes In Waiting Getaway Car

Is it just me or are Call of Duty thefts starting to sound more and more like missions from the game?

The latest snatch and grab of the Activision shooter happened last week when a man swiped 10 copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from a display stand at a Tesco in the England's Bishop Storford.

The thief, described as white, aged 19-22, about 170cm tall, with a thin build, was wearing a black hooded top with black jogging bottoms. After snatching the games, he ran past the check-outs and into a waiting Ford Fiesta. OK, maybe next time switch out the Ford Fiesta for something a little less embarrassing and throw in a couple of smoke grenades for good measure.

Computer game thief escapes in getaway car[Hertsand Essex Observer]



      It's digital gold!!

    This is worst than gta releases.

    Is this some weird publicity stunt or are people just nuts?

    I mean, 10 copies of CoD? Really? They're the things you want most in the store?

    hmm "maybe next time switch out the Ford Fiesta for something a little less embarrassing" now crecente i know your a retard but if you did your homework he perhaps had a awesome getaway fiesta...

    or maybe he didnt...

    This would have been a better story if they had done a smash and grab on Kinectimals

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