Do You Look Like That Lilith Lady From Borderlands? Earn Money, Get A Job!

Do You Look Like That Lilith Lady From Borderlands? Earn Money, Get A Job!

Perhaps you are a female. Perhaps you are a female who resembles Lilith from Borderlands. Or perhaps you know someone who does. If so, the game’s developer, Gearbox Sofware, has a deal for you.

From the developer’s website:

Do you want to be a character in a video game? We’re looking for someone to become Lilith from Borderlands. If hired, you will appear in the game, Borderlands 2, as the live action version of the character. Additionally, you may be invited to participate in promotional events and trade shows.

Lilith is a siren — a female character with amazing powers. Borderlands 2, the upcoming sequel to Borderlands 1, features Lilith as a non-playable character.

“In the Borderlands universe, a Siren can project a live-action image of herself into the minds of those she wishes to communicate with,” the site continued. “Your look need not be exact, but expressive of Lilith in the mind’s eye — similar to how the Guardian Angel was portrayed in the original Borderlands.”

There are a couple of stipulations. For one, you must be in the Dallas, Texas area for the first three weeks of December — which I should be! You also must be a female (rats) and between the ages of 18 and 30 (what is this shit?).

While no previous modelling or acting experience is needed, you should be able to follow direction and express character emotion.

Gearbox is careful to note that this isn’t a contest. Rather, this is a “job opportunity”. The selected individual will be paid US$1,000 per day of shooting, with a minimum one-day guarantee.

There are two ways to apply for the gig: one online, and the other is an open casting call in Dallas. More details in the link below.

Above, that’s Kotaku columnist Lisa Foiles doing her best Lilith.

Casting [Gearbox Software]

(Top photo:”>SexyGamer)


    • Because some people might be interested to know what Gearbox is up to – I’m pretty sure they didn’t post the story thinking some aussie girl would fly over to apply.

      • You realise much like Ash(ley) can be male or female (just look at Evil Dead and Mass Effect), Sam can be Samuel or Samantha right?

        • … but the character of Lilith, whom Gearbox is looking to cast, is a woman. So I would assume only ‘some aussie girl’ would be in danger of flying over to apply, as opposed to some aussie guy 😛

  • Huh, I just realized that the girl in the picture is Lisa Foils. You know the girl that had the Top 5 show on the escapist and was in the nickelodeon show “All That” waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy back in the day.

  • Lilith was prolly my favorite ‘character’ to play as in Borderlands. That phase walk ability got pretty awesome the more you leveled up.
    So I wonder if all the original characters will have live-action bits in the sequel… They did say something about the original 4 coming back as mission givers and NPCs…

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