Does The World Need Another Fan-Made Half-Life Live Action? Yes. Yes It Does.

There have been dozens of fan made Half-Life videos -- trailers, shorts, etc -- but that doesn't make this one any less awesome.

This Half-Life Origins vid may feature some dodgy CGI, but I'd argue the production levels are pretty high end and, as this comment stated, it makes me want a fully fledged movie featuring Gary Oldman as Gordon Freeman.

Thanks I H8 Memes!


    They could cast Gary Oldman as a headcrab and he'd still be awesome.

    Always thought Edward Norton would be a good Gordon.

    I think Bryan Cranston would be a perfect fit.

      We all know that Breaking Bad poster a while back was really a Half-Life promo.

    Gary Oldman would be an ideal.. but Bryan Cranston would be even better!

    Bryan Cranston probably a little bit to old for the role

    They did a pretty decent job of merging in the HL Source (or was it just HL1) footage.

    Well Someone may as well do something with the IP since Valve isnt. (Cept they probably are and just dont want to tell anyon eyet.)

    Ethan Hawke as Freeman ... and Bill Murray as Dr Wallace Breen!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger! Lol can you imagine? GET OUT! RUN TO DA CHOPPA!

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