Hopefully Half-Life 3 Will Look As Good As Its Fan Trailer

Hopefully Half-Life 3 Will Look As Good As Its Fan Trailer

Insert comment about Half-Life 3 taking too long here.

Deviant Pictures, utilising Source Filmmaker, created this fine-looking fan trailer for Valve’s prodigal shooter, Half-Life 3, though admittedly it feels a bit more like a movie trailer than a game trailer.

I’d watch that movie. Hell, someone could even make a game out of it.

Half-Life 3: Fan Made Cinematic Trailer [Deviant Pictures@YouTube, via DSOGaming]


  • I was possibly the biggest hal-life fan ever.
    But I am over waiting for HL3, I honestly don’t really care any more if it ever comes out, and I think Gabe has been a bit of a dick about it to his fan base really.

    Cool trailer though.

    • I was really into the whole story of HL2 and really wanted to know what happens. Since 2004 , as games have developed so much in regards to storytelling and gameplay, I really couldn’t give a shite about the Half Life universe anymore. By today’s game storytelling standards, Gordon Freeman is a boring character with no personality

  • Ive never actually played anything more than the demo of half life 1. Why is there the huge wait for HL3? are there alot of loose ends in terms of story after HL2? or do ppl just want more stories from that universe?

    • I’d say it’s both. Episode 2 ended on a massive cliff hanger, there’s lots of other unanswered questions and people (myself included) love the stories they’ve created in the Half Life universe.

      I think at this point though, people would be happy if Valve would just tell them what’s going on. Even if all we get is “We haven’t started work on it” – The silence is what hurts the most I think.

      • Thats what gabes AMA was for. But all the reddit faggots downvoted any half life questions so they didnt spook him.

        • Yeah, but at the same time, he would have known that people wanted to know what was going on. It’s not like it’s a recent interest, people have been following and asking for quite a while now.

        • Huh? I didn’t know that. What do they think he is, a 2 day old kitten? How could he be spooked by something that cannot possibly have been unexpected.
          “Ohh we mustn’t scare off the prophet GabeN by asking, you know what everybody really wants to REALLY know about.”
          I don’t really it being labelled AskMeAnythingExceptAboutHalflifeThree (AMAEAHT?)

          Who really gives a crap about what he has for breakfast or favourite book or movie or whatever.

          Where the hell is *something* new about the Half-life universe, you bearded twinkie in a polo shirt! It’s been 7 freaking years of complete and utter silence since “oh yeah, episodic so more content much more often”.

          It’s just the complete silence in regard to anything about Halflife that is annoying. Like others have said, all that is requested is a ‘yes we are working on it we are currently creating the new source engine for it blah blah’ or ‘no we have abandoned that IP for now’.
          It’s like sending a thousand messages over many years to someone you thought you knew and getting nothing but silence in return. Eventually you just have to shrug and move on.

          /end rant.
          **Entering ‘breathing mode…’**
          **Preparing to relax….**
          **Relax mode engaged.**


    • HL1, then subsequently with HL2, were simply astonishing games when they were released, particularly as it was one of the first FPS’s to be narrative driven, with a world so deeply immersive, and overall was one of the first games to give players an emotional investment in the characters. That, and you played the roll of a silent protaganist, who wasn’t a roid-pumped war hero, but a physicist who was just thrown into a shitty situation.

      That’s why we loved the games so much!

      Episode 2, like EP1 before it, ended on several HUGE bombshells with a lot of loose strings left dangling. FYI: Portal is set in the Half Life Universe ;-)…. On top of that, Valve went down the “episodic” path specifically so that they could have “smaller pieces of content more often”.

      Episode 2 was released in 2007. That’s going to be 7 years ago this October.

      That’s why it’s got so much of a ‘cult status’ as a perpetually delayed game.

      What’s weird is that there hasn’t been a single official word on anything. Nothing on Episode 3 [now just called Half Life 3 as a full title release is assumed now]. No screenshots, no story info, not even a clarification or statement from Valve on it. And for what reason? They know there’s demand for it, they know people will buy it, they know people WANT it…… They’ve since released many new titles, so it’s not like they aren’t working on games. So, it’s been a bit frustrating to fans. Not acknowledging what people have wanted for so long, while of course they have their reasons [which are fair, no doubt], it’s still a kick in the balls.

      That’s why there’s frustration, often now apathy, towards Half Life 3

      I hope that answers your questions 🙂

      • What titles did THEY release?
        Csgo wasnt coded by valve
        dota 2 was purchased by valve
        when was the last time they made a game from scratch instead of buying them or bring in people?
        Lets face it there making heaps off steam so why bother making games again?

        • Portal 2
          Dota 2 [it was just the IP rights they obtained, and valve developed it completely within the source engine]
          Left 4 dead series [Turtle rock started it then absorbed into valve, valve developed 2 internally]
          Alien Swarm [still play a lot of that with friends. love it]

          Plus, you know, the constant source engine development, plus Source 2….

          But yes, you’re right, they are making a lot of money off Steam. They have control of most of the digital distribution market. They are investing their resources into media distribution and other technologies such as VR. So yeah, why bother making games? [seriously…..] They are clearly giving us SOOOO many awesome things elsewhere, that everyone still loves the work they do.

          We just want some information I guess. If you want to cease development on HL, fine, do it, tell us and move on.

          • You are correct.
            but i meant like after portal 2

            i want hl3 as much as the next but i dont think its being developed.
            all i wanted to know was if it was being worked on but the AMA sucked.

          • Also:
            when was the last time vavle added OFFICIAL tf2 weps or hats?
            All made by others then put in there crates and.unlocked with a 2$ valve key.
            Massive profit off others work.
            win win for both people.

  • “To deal with the grief of losing her father, Alyx undergoes extensive facial surgery.”

  • To be honest I don’t really understand the amount of anger this issue attracts. Valve have never dangled the promise of HL3 in our faces. They’ve not once given a release date and reneged on it, they’ve never released a spoiler without a date attached, they’ve never even spoken about it. It’s obvious its coming, it’s just taking some time. It’s not like some Robert Jordan or GRRM situation where the author could keel over and die leaving the story unfinished, it’s a game developer taking their time.

    For me (and this may sound like heresy but bear with me) it’s just a game. I’m not waiting for better healthcare, or political reform, or recognition as a citizen. I’m just a dude who wants to sit on my computer chair and have some fun.

    • not that I don’t do that every night with my hand BOOOOO – YAAAAAAHHHH

    • There is a huge fanbase, the game effectively made their company, I think they kind of owe it to fans to either say it is happening or it isn’t.
      Leaving a massive cliffhanger implies pretty heavily there is a sequel coming.
      But with no confirmation that they are even devoting a single resource to it, it is hardly ‘obvious its coming’ at this point.
      I think it is just being a bit of a dick to the fanbase really, but as said before, I think most people have assumed it is dead, or that it has been so long now that it would be irrelevant anyway.

  • If they do even release the game, it’s gonna sell like hotcake, I guarantee it.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if it outsold CoD (not that I’m stupid enough to think that it will)

  • I have to laugh that there are absolutely no Half-Life 3 confirmed jokes here.

  • It would have been really funny if Valve released the actual trailer for HL3 disguised as a fan trailer for April 1st.

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