This Half-Life 2 Fan Movie Is From Russia With Love

Let's be honest. There are two types of fan films: crappy looking ones and great looking ones. Freeman's Days? It looks great.

Based on Valve's Half-Life games and from a host of Russian Half-Life players, Freeman's Days follows the games' silent physicist in his adventures in Half-Life 2. Unlike most Half-Life fan creations, the question isn't simply does Gordan Freeman speak? No, the question is does he speak Russian?

So far, this appears to be in trailer form only. But what a trailer!

For those who do not understand Russian, here is a lower quality subtitled version.

Thanks Kirill for the tip.


    The subbed video has been removed by the user :(

    There are numerous trailers of fan-made movies by now, but where are those full-length ones??

    Ooh, now I want to see John Malkovich as Dr Breen.

    Official English version is up.

    High quality and most likely won't be taken off since it's the official one.

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