A Badass Redesign Of Gordon Freeman's Suit

A Badass Redesign of Gordon Freeman's Suit

Artist Daryl Mandryk, who we've featured on Kotaku before, has given Gordon Freeman's HEV suit an unofficial redesign. It's very practical. I like it. A lot.

A Badass Redesign of Gordon Freeman's Suit


    Half Life 3 confirmed.

    All the world needs is Bryan Cranston playing Gordon Freeman. That is all.

    Is it just me or does he looks a bit like Bryan Cranston?
    Suit itself is kinda cool, it seems a bit more Mass Effect-ish then Half-Life if you ask me though.

      I'm sorry bullshit this has HALO MJOLNIR ARMOR WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!!! what a weak ass usage

        I stuck Master Chief's helmet onto that image... http://i.imgur.com/AsmeyY2.jpg
        Yeah, you are right, it is totally HALO.

    Ew. Who the fuck let Michael Bay near that streamlined beautiful suit to create that monstrosity...

      Dont you know? They have to transform everything into monstrosity these days.

        Seems like it doesn't it. One day, I can't wait for the world to go back to 'visually pleasing' instead of 'gotta try to be realistic and awesomely huge'...

          Xmen went realistic... was pretty decent.. please don't tell me you wanted a big fat CGI Juggernaught or something... Actually they could've just not made X3 hahaha

    Practical? The HEV is supposed to protect Gordon Freeman from environmental hazards and blunt force trauma, hence the name.
    Now he looks like a freaking transformer. Half a metric tonne of steel - practical.

    the HEV is a hazard suit, not space marine armour. That there is more the latter than the former, and thus more a reinterpretation than a redesign. Hell, at best it's more akin to some space engineer suit from deadspace. The actual drawing itself is cool imo, but would never want that to be Gordon's next suit in HL3, whenever it decides to come.

      Don't worry, you'll never get that suit in HL3.

        Don't worry, you'll never get HL3.

          Hahaha this guy +1 :)

          That was kinda the joke.

          You won't get the suit in the game... because you won't get the game.

    "Welcome...to the H.E.V. MK5 Protective Assault System. For use in prolonged hostile and environmentally hazardous conditions. Have a very, CoD day..." HL3 confirmed.

    I don't mind the chunkyness of it necessarily, but I think it should look a bit more industrial. More akin to the Loader Droid suit in Aliens though obviously more suit and less droid. Or perhaps more appropriately, more like the Tau Cannon - obviously built by an engineer and not an industrial designer.

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