Don't Be The Hero Of Time. Be The Hero Of The Kitchen.

You Americans will soon be cooking up Thanksgiving feasts. I'm thinking of the Australian Christmas BBQ. Either way, we could all look the part in these Zelda aprons, hand-made by Janeille Pita.

There are two available, both based on the Wind Waker designs of Link and Zelda.

Actually, now I look at them closer they are very frilly, even the Link one, meaning... ah, fuck it, it's a Link apron, the frills are of secondary concern.

Janeille [Etsy]


    Hmm, I was looking for ideas for the wife for Xmas.

    Man. How many times have I stared at that (aggravatingly long) londiag screen and not noticed?Oh well if a character's digital inconsistency is one of the very few downsides to an otherwise brilliant game, I guess that's OK.It does raise serious lore concerns, though.

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