Ever Wanted To Play Wind Waker On The iPhone?

Ever Wanted To Play Wind Waker On The iPhone?

Well, you can’t! What you’ll soon be able to do, though, is the next best thing, which also happens to be something the iPhone excels at: play a game that’s paying tribute to Wind Waker, but isn’t actually Wind Waker.

The game in question is called Oceanhorn, and while the game’s hero certainly looks familiar, with his spiked hair and coastal tunic, it’s the game’s premise — putting “you in the boots of a nameless hero” who has “to save his sister” — and visual trappings that really hammer home the inspiration.

Not that I’m complaining! Wind Waker is only my favourite game of all time, and Nintendo is as likely to release a Zelda game on the iPhone as I am of walking on water cuddling a flying pig, so if this is as good as it gets (and it certainly looks slick), then so be it!

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  • I lol’d at the “Well you can’t!” xD. The thing I worry about this game is the music, because Windwaker had awesome tunes. Hopefully it’ll get ported to Android.

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